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Hope for British citizens in Europe

Find homes in Spain via our property portal. A British citizen living in Italy has challenged the British government over his right to vote in the EU Referendum, denied to him because he has lived away from Britain for more than 15 years. There are two million British citizens living in Europe who have no right to vote in any United Kingdom election, including the upcoming EU Referendum – thanks to a rule which denies this human right to those who have lived outside Britain for more than an arbitrary 15 years.

Barcelona is officially the city for Vegetarians

Find homes in Barcelona via our property portal. A new initiative has introduced Meat-free Mondays and more vegetarianism as a whole into the city of Barcelona, with the support of the local council. The Spanish are meat lovers; there is no doubt about it. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you are traditionally likely to find problems when looking for food you can eat – unless of course, you specifically seek out one of the few vegetarian restaurants available, usually only in the larger towns and cities.

Signs of Property Market recovery in Spain

The property market in Spain saw an improvement at the end of 2015, although this was patchy, with some areas faring better than others. Since the beginning of 2016, the market has had ups and downs, with a drop in sales in January, but a rebound in February, and a very strong comeback in Madrid and Barcelona with high end property selling well.

How much would you pay to dine in at home in Spain?

One of the pleasures that living in Spain offers is the chance to eat out regularly at reasonable prices. Whether you go out with friends for tapas or for a menú del día for lunch, you’ll always find good food that doesn’t cost the earth. If you feel like staying in one evening and cooking yourselves a good meal, though, how much will you have to spend?

A Blood Sport or an Art form?

Love it or hate it, bullfighting is deeply imbedded in Spanish culture – although perhaps for not much longer, as the animal rights groups are slowly but surely upsetting this once all pervading so called “sport”.

Spanish authorities go to war on rentals

Many holiday home buyers factor into their calculations the likely income from renting out the property when they’re not using it, but are not aware that you need the correct licence to do so. That’s an increasingly dangerous game in Spain, as local authorities – in an effort to protect hotels and other official tourist accommodation providers – go to war against private individuals offering holiday rental.

A morning spent inside the Catalan Institute of Public Safety

There is a strong police presence in Spain. We often see various police forces stationed at roundabouts monitoring and stopping drivers, police patrolling the streets and beaches, police at public events large and small and patrol cars making nightly rounds. Catalonia has its own police force, the Mossos d’Esquadra which protects the 7 million people who live in the region and its own Police Academy, the ISPC (Institut de Seguretat Pública de Catalunya) located near Barcelona.

Lawnmowers and lemons: our Easter in the Costa Brava

Gin and tonic tastes a million times better with home-grown lemons. Trust me, I’ve tried it, so have the neighbours! So, finding my four-foot lemon tree dripping with fruit when I arrived at my Costa Brava villa this week was a real treat, at least for me and the wife, who enjoy a sundowner. The children – three year old Clemence, six year old Harry and nine year old Maddy – were more excited about slurping away on their all-time favourite drink, chocolate flavoured Cacaolat, which you don’t get in the UK. I think the youngest can see off a carton in under 10 seconds now.
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