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Keep up with the latest Spanish property market news here at Property Guides. We cover all the updates that matter if you’re looking to buy property in Spain, including legislation, market forecasts, and housing developments. You’ll also find handy tips and insights to help you on your buying journey. Read the latest Spanish property news below.

Building your own home in Spain, part 2: architects and planning permission

Building your own home in Spain, part 2: architects and planning permission

How do you find an architect and get the planning permission to build your own home in Spain? Last month we covered buying a plot, and the basic types of land to build a property. When you’ve bought the plot, if you haven’t already, you will need to get an architect in Spain. Together you will be able to test the basic feasibility of your project, refine it, cost it and get planning permission. 

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Spain’s top 10 family-friendly islands

Sun, sea, sand and short flights from home – Spain’s islands have been firm family favourites for decades among tourists and property buyers alike. Our recent survey showed that almost 1/4 of our readers want to buy in the Balearics or Canaries, so this week, I’m looking at the very best, family-friendly islands to purchase a home.  

No problem? No deal for property buyers in Spain

Playing golf in the warm January sunshine. Eating al fresco by your pool. Renting out your holiday home for a profit all summer and enjoying it in winter for yourself. However you see your life in Spain, you can do all this and more, however Brexit works out. Here’s why you shouldn’t be too worried about no deal for property buyers in Spain

Building your own home in Spain, part 1: Buying the Land

Could you build your own home in Spain? Maybe not personally, but planning it, designing it and finding the professionals to built it ? A surprising number of British and other international buyers do. But first of all, they need to find the land to build on. So in this, the first part of our special guide to self-building your Spanish home, we’re heading on a recce to find the perfect plot, and buy it!

News from Spain: tax, celebrities and cleaner water

There is excellent news for property buyers in Spain this week. Read the latest on lower Spanish taxes, stronger protection for buyers and ever cleaner beaches. And if you’re tempted to buy a Spanish home, check out a bargain on a celebrity couple’s rather special home in Mallorca too! If you’ve got a spare €30 million that is…

Your ten best new friends when you move to Spain

Buying a home in Spain should be a team effort. There’s no need to navigate your way through the bureaucracy, language and legal processes alone. Let the Spain Property Guide introduce you to the trusted professionals who will smooth your move to Spain and ensure your purchase, and your exciting new life in Spain, happens without a hitch.

Who is buying in Spain in 2019?

This year’s annual Spain Property Guides survey received our biggest response ever, with over 1,500 people answering the call. You’ve told us what you’re looking for, where in Spain, and why. You said what might be holding you back too.

Do you need a building survey in Spain?

For anyone buying a home in Spain, a property survey is a must. It means you can plan wisely and surprises won’t crop up just when you don’t want them. But what can you expect from a survey, and how do you choose a surveyor? We spoke to Campbell Ferguson, founder of Survey Spain and RICS Spain’s first Vice-President, to find out.

Property and lifestyle news from Spain

If you were still in any doubt that Spain has recovered from the financial crisis of a decade ago, you won’t have by the end of this article! The news on the property market  and the way of life in Spain is all good. Young Spaniards are returning home, while the country is welcoming more internationals residents each year. Not only that, it’s making them welcome too.

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