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Weather in Portugal: What’s the Winter Really Like?

If you’re thinking about embarking on life as an expat in Portugal, the weather is likely to be a contributing factor. Here are a former expat’s top tips to get to grips with the climate all year round. After spending five winters in Portugal’s Algarve, I’m spending this one in the UK. It’s therefore impossible not to nostalgically look back on what I’m missing, especially when I walk, yet again, into my freezing garden, to move all the plants and furniture back to their rightful place after they’ve all blown up one corner of the patio.

Austerity in Portugal: Changes are Coming

Portugal’s new left wing coalition already announced earlier this year various policies to ease austerity in the country. We take a look at what’s changing, and whether the moves are sustainable.

Prices in Porto rose by 17% in 2015

Portugal’s second city has lagged behind the Algarve and Lisbon in international buyers’ affections, but could rapidly rising prices and a billion euro facelift tempt more of us north?
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