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Sid swapped the East End for luxury in France. Could you?

The actor who plays one of Eastenders less sophisticated but always popular characters, Ricky Butcher, was featured in Through the Keyhole at the weekend. Much to the surprise of some viewers, Sid Owen was shown to have an amazing house in France. It just goes to show the difference in buying power between the UK and France.  

Our top 20 favourite global cities

The world’s cites are getting bigger, higher and richer. They are also getting more powerful, with city mayors an increasing political force in opposition to national governments, as we have seen in London, Barcelona and New York. If we can’t beat them, many of us are joining them. The United Nations says that 54 percent of the world’s population live in urban areas now and that will increase to 67 percent by 2050. For international property investors, cities are easy to research, to buy in and to sell in, with the extra possibility of long- and short-term rental potential all year. For anyone

Rental of Two Cities

British tourists are still coming to Spain in search of sun and sea, so how easy is it to invest in a property to let out to holidaymakers?  

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