How does healthcare in Greece work?

If you are buying, or have bought a property in Greece, one of the first things you need to do is register with a doctor and decide what to do about your health insurance. Wherever you live or intend living in Greece there will be a choice of doctor’s practices near your home.
Why you can enjoy a healthier retirement abroad

Why you can enjoy a healthier retirement abroad

Have you heard: 60 is the new 40? It certainly is for our readers, who see retiring abroad as the chance to enjoy themselves after a well-earned career. They’re more likely to be running half-marathons than playing bowls. More likely to be learning a new language, making new friends and taking up a new outdooorsy hobby than watching daytime TV and wrapping up warm in the UK. Here is why moving to the sun is your chance for a relaxing, healthy retirement abroad.

Moving with your family to Greece

Moving to another country can be more than a little daunting. But moving with a young family has many more considerations – schools, healthcare and generally how your family is going to fit into a new environment. Diana from CorfuHomeFinders explains the practicalities, and offers some valuable tips on making the move with your family painless.

What is Spanish healthcare like?

We are often asked about state Spanish healthcare. Is it any good? Are there long waiting lists? What if I don’t speak Spanish? Are the doctors and nurses helpful? What about serious operations? Well, let me put your minds at rest by telling you that Bloomberg’s latest report on world healthcare places Spain at No 3 for efficiency of patient care and 8th of 195 countries for patient care. That’s above France at no 88 and the UK at no 30. Statistics are all well and good but what is the health service in Spain really like? I have lived 12 years in Catalonia and unfortunately have had to call up

What is healthcare in Cyprus like?

I know that it’s difficult to think about the possibility of becoming ill in Cyprus – the weather is so good and the food is so nutritious, so why worry? But realistically, anything can happen – yes, even here! So I’m going to tell you about the basics of the healthcare system in Cyprus for the British and other Europeans who come to live here.

Greek healthcare: state or private?

We’re getting mixed messages from Greece these days. Firstly, the country is recovering economically. Secondly, the beaches and tourist sites are still stunning. But thirdly, that austerity still affects everyday life, including health. Hardly surprising then, that people who would like to move there are confused! So how is Greek healthcare?