A postcard from locked down Spain

Now into our second week of lockdown in Spain, we’re learning a lot about human nature despite being confined to our homes. We are allowed out only to buy food and medicine or to walk the dog – and that just a few metres from the house.

How France is coping with coronavirus

Unsurprisingly there are grave concerns about coronavirus in France and the government has taken strict and early measures to attempt to contain the virus. This is what lockdown in France means to us.

How is Greece coping with coronavirus?

Greece hasn’t been spared the coronavirus, although living on 227 islands its spread should be slower. We asked our writers there to comment on how expats are coping and the measures Greece is taking. Lynne reports from the Peloponnese and Diana from Corfu.

Spanish healthcare options for the under 65s

British people over 65 can get free healthcare in Spain if they move by the year end. But what of those of us lucky enough to be living in Spain before retirement age? Here are their healthcare options.

Healthcare in Cyprus – the expat’s experience

In this article, I want to walk you through what I call the nitty gritty aspects of healthcare in Cyprus, from one who knows what it involves, from finding a GP and seeing specialists to the costs to expect.

How does healthcare in Greece work?

If you are buying, or have bought a property in Greece, one of the first things you need to do is register with a doctor and decide what to do about your health insurance. Wherever you live or intend living in Greece there will be a choice of doctor’s practices near your home.