Moving to France after Brexit: what has changed?

A Brexit trade deal has finally been secured and the UK is no longer a part of the European Union. In practice, this raises a lot of questions for those moving to France after Brexit – will you need a visa? What about residency and healthcare? We endeavour to cover the main points, from visas to buying your dream property.

GHIC: Your post-Brexit healthcare is covered

Good news! The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is being replaced with a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). This means that Brits travelling to Cyprus, and indeed all EU countries, will still be able to receive free, or cheaper, state-provided medical care.

Living in Spain after Brexit: what you need to know

So, it’s finally happened. The deal has been done, and the UK has officially left the European Union. This has left many of us with questions. Where can I live with a British passport after Brexit? Will my expat rights stay the same? Can I easily travel to Europe after Brexit?
Brexit deal news for property buyers

Brexit deal news for property buyers

If you would love to buy in the sun but don’t have quite enough money, check out some innovative financing options, including equity release and mortgages, in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, USA, Canada and other countries, in our new guides, How to Pay for a Property Abroad. 

Can I buy property in Italy in 2021?

A rumour caused consternation among overseas buyers in Italy recently – especially from the UK – which said that non-residents of Italy were not allowed to buy a property there. We asked our lawyer to explain why holiday homebuyers in Italy shouldn’t be panicking!