Brexit and Spain: the view from the ground

Brexit uncertainty might be the main news in the UK each days – although a deal might be creeping closer – but, in Spain, the government has been doing its best to pave the way for British residents, from guaranteeing expat rights to most recently announcing it would continue the EHIC system if Britain does the same.
Brexit countdown and what you need to do

Brexit countdown and what you need to do

Brexit countdown and what you need to do With parliament returning on 3 September we are gearing up for one of the greatest battles in British political history. There are many potential outcomes.

News update: eco-homes, cheap mortgages, and Spain’s priciest streets

It has been a hot summer here with the majority of people on holiday, including the politicians, and the news has been quite upbeat with Brexit taking only a secondary place. The property market is stable, eco-homes are on the rise and Spain’s most expensive streets are revealed! Plus, mortgages are cheaper, as are petrol and diesel.
Don’t wait for the pound to recover!

Don’t wait for the pound to recover!

What’s happened to the pound!? Well, we know why the pound has weakened, the more important question is what we should do about it! Spanish home owner and property writer Richard Way explains why buyers shouldn’t wait for the pound to recover, but how to protect themselves from future losses.

News update: Portuguese Brexit law passes

The sun’s shining here in Portugal, with temperatures of 25ºC all week, and we’ve got good news as Parliament passes a law on rights after Brexit. Brexit’s not the only thing on the agenda, as we’re named the top destination for many European buyers, and new developments open on the Algarve (and a swish 5-star hotel’s selling our portal).

Should expats worry about Brexit?

With Brexit on the horizon, what’s the mood among homeowners in Spain? we sent our roving Editor at Large Richard Way, a homeowner on the Costa Brava himself, to the front line.