Watch out: British residents need a Spanish driving licence

As a result of Brexit, British expats need a Spanish driving licence. Although this problem was meant to be solved, it has not been. British expats await updates from Hugh Elliot, the British Ambassdor to Spain and Andorra. In the meantime, our expat writer, Sally Veall, shares how the issue of needing a Spanish driving licence is impacting British residents. 

Spain’s new laws aim to welcome Brits

Spain has approved and defined their digital nomad visa scheme. It will enable remote workers to work from home in Spain. Additionally, there is promising news that Spain will lobby Brussels to relax the 90-day rule, enabling Brits to stay in the country for longer.

Relocating to France since Brexit

Since Brexit, the process of moving to France has become more complicated. Under the 90-day rule, if you wish to stay for longer than 90-days at one time, or within a six-month period, you will need a visa. Over the next few weeks, we will cover visas in more detail but in this article, we look primarily at visas for those who would like to work in France, or maybe work for a company back in the UK.

How to apply for French Nationality

Since Brexit, all that is legally required to remain living in France is a valid residency card. However, there are potential advantages to becoming a naturalised French Citizen. And whilst it is by no means a pre-requisite to live the rest of your days in France, many expats do ultimately choose to apply for French Nationality for a variety of different reasons.
A year on from Brexit, what’s changed?

A year on from Brexit, what’s changed?

Brexit, schmexit: a year after the transition period ended Brits are buying homes and planning exciting retirements in our favourite European destinations just like we always did. Processes have been smoothed out, a host of professionals are on hand to help us fill in the forms and the welcome is as warm as ever. We look at some of the key developments over the past 12 months.