News update: Spanish diet world’s healthiest, number of UK buyers up in Murcia

As the UK property market slows down, savvy investors could do worse than looking over to sunny Spain: house sales reached the highest volume since 2008 last year, and even the number of British buyers is up. And if you’re moving here permanently, don’t stint on the good food: Bloomberg’s named our diet the healthiest in the world!

How is Brexit affecting expats in France?

Theresa May has put off the vote on Brexit until March 12th, and so the uncertainty continues. Will there be a transition period, or will people moving here afterwards need to follow the visa route? And what about us already here – what is Brexit’s effect on expats in France? How can you prepare and get more certainty around your status? 

‘Brexodus’: are Britons leaving the UK for Ireland over Brexit?

Media reports say more and more Brits are quitting the UK for Ireland as Brexit edges (or hurtles) ever closer – and we’ve got a new word in the Brexit lexicon: Brexodus. But who is it who’s actually moving and where are they moving to – and how does the move itself actually work? Find out in today’s news update.

News update: Plans unveiled for no-deal Brexit in Portugal

Things might be quite quiet down here in the Algarve, but the defeat of Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement hasn’t escaped notice. The Foreign Ministry has announced generous plans for Brexit in Portugal to preserve expat rights and encourage tourism as an ‘old British ally’. Plus, as we tally up from 2018, last year looks good for us, with a record year for exports and investment.

Brexit-proof your move to Italy – deal or no deal!

Time’s running out on Brexit, but is it really going to be over for British people buying in Italy? Media hype makes many think so, but British buyers in Italy have risen by over 14% in the last year. They know something the others don’t – and that something is how to ‘Brexit-proof’ their plans. They know how to move to Italy whatever happens, and they’re already planning how to do it.