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Where to find affordable property Down Under

Let us confirm what you probably already suspected: Sydney is the most expensive place to live in Australia. This iconic city has it all: sun-drenched beaches, salubrious neighbourhoods, spectacular natural harbour, fine restaurants and first-class shopping. But it comes at a price. The average house price in the capital of New South Wales currently stands at just over $1,000,000 (£495,800). Melbourne – the world’s most liveable city – trails closely behind.

Australian homes more affordable

The property market in Australia is known for one thing – it’s expensive! However, the good news in 2018 for international buyers is that prices are getting slightly lower in many regions. In this property update, we have a look at where the property hotspots for you are and what you can expect if you’re hoping to purchase property in Australia.

Where to buy a holiday home in Australia

Who wouldn’t want a holiday home in Australia? Somewhere to weather the British winter in a stunning Australian summer. A beachside pad near your Antipodean family. A base for when the England cricket team are touring (and a place to drown your sorrows!). A nice bit of rental income? But where should you buy a holiday home in Australia?

A quick guide to taxes in Australia

There is nothing worse than being ill-informed about taxes and winding up with a tax bill much larger than expected! As a resident or non-resident in Australia you will likely need to pay income tax, and possibly capital gains tax and taxes for any businesses you run.

How to get connected in Australia

One of the first things you’ll want to do after arriving in Australia is get connected. There is little we can do in the way of communication without getting connected first. Here is your guide to setting up the internet, television and mobiles phone in Australia.

Why you should move to Perth

Perth is the Goldilocks of global cities: not too big and not too small, not too hot and not too cold. It’s clean and safe, but not boring. It has good honest work and amazing opportunities for leisure and fun. Property is more affordable than ever and there are direct flights. These and many reasons are why you should move to Perth. 

Australia’s bohemian hotspots

Australia is home to many destinations that satisfy a creative mind. Whether it’s art, cool cafe culture or just a more free-thinking lifestyle you’re after, check out these alternative spots to move to in Australia.

The four seasons in Australia

Australia’s location in the Southern Hemisphere, just a short distance to the equator compared to the UK, means the seasons in Australia are very different compared to what we are used to at home.

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