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Why the Costa Blanca?

Spain has 10 different costas, so there is a lot to choose from! But which would suit you best? We put the question to two estate agents – one from the Costa del Sol, which you can read here – and one from the Costa Blanca. Here, Karsten Ryder from Vincent Real Estate, based in Benijofar in the south Costa Blanca, tells us about the lifestyle, the joys of living on the Mediterranean coast and why you should move to Costa Blanca!

Is the Greek property market recovering?

We feel blessed to have been in lockdown in Corfu all this time. Like most things, the Greek property market has certainly taken a hit. But as life returns to normal, buyers are beginning to think about their options.

What’s happening with lockdown in Australia?

In this article, read our most up to date information on what is happening with lockdown in Australia and how Australia is responding to the current Coronavirus pandemic. Our information is based on current guidelines and restrictions issued by Australian federal, state and territory governments from the 3rd of June.

Where are the best places to furnish your home in Cyprus?

So, you’ve bought (or built) your new home in Cyprus and you’re ready to start the fun bit: choosing all your furniture and fittings. If you’re not shipping anything from the UK, you’ll be starting afresh – so don’t miss my tips for where to get the best value and what you’ll need in Cyprus.

5 Greek islands with a buzz all year-round

Many of us first fall in love with the Greek islands on our summer holidays, but the smaller tourist islands do often close down in winter. So if you’re looking for somewhere with that year-round buzz, where are the best places to start?