Do I need a car in Cyprus?

Cyprus is small, and one of its great joys is being in the snowy Troodos Mountains in the morning and basking in the sun on the beach in the afternoon. But one question overseas buyers often have is whether it’s really necessary to have a car in Cyprus. The answer is a yes and no – find out more in my guide to getting round in Cyprus.

What’s next for the Greek property market in 2019?

Brexit’s on the way, but enquiries for Greek properties are on the up. It’s no surprise as prices begin to stabilise, but are still more affordable than pre-crisis. Plus, with a €250,000 investment, buyers can get a residence permit if there’s a no-deal Brexit. So, with plenty of positive news, what’s ahead for the Greek property market?

What’s it like moving to France as a single person?

The French have a reputation for being serious about love and romance, but is this reputation deserved?  And what is life really like for singles (or as the French call them, ‘celibataires’) in France? Many people who move to France are couples nearing retirement who dream of a life in the sun, with delicious French food and wines to sample and stunning landscapes to discover. But how moving to France as a single? What is life like for the unattached in France, and those seeking ‘amour’ in the country that includes Paris, the famous city of love.

Buying in Portugal, part 6: the legal process

You’ve found your dream home, you’ve viewed it and you’re certain it’s the one. Now’s the exciting bit: reserving, offering on your home, getting it accepted and then, finally, getting the keys! But how do you get to that point? This week, in the final part of our serialisation, we’re looking at the legal process of buying a home in Portugal.
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