Buying in Spain, part six: the legal process

British citizens have the same rights to buy a property in Spain as the Spanish do. Even if there’s a no-deal Brexit, you’ll still be able to buy property here – it’s not one of the ‘four freedoms’. But the buying process is quite different, so you need to make sure you’re up on what to expect. Here are the key points of the legal process of buying a home in Spain.

How to maintain and manage a property in Greece

Congratulations! You have just bought your dream home. The first thing to do now is to think about maintenance, from pools to gardens to guest services for holiday lets – how do you keep everything? Here’s how to manage a property in Greece, whether you’re living there or renting it out.

Cyprus’ quiet pleasures

December and January are the winter months in Cyprus. So, it’s time to put away those swimsuits and beach balls and enjoy the quiet winter pleasures here in Cyprus. “Cyprus is all sun and sand!” I hear you say. Really though, it’s not. Here are some quiet hobbies in Cyprus that you can do in the winter months.

Buying in Cyprus, part six: buying system

We’re now on the final part of our serialisation of Buying in Cyprus, and that means we’re looking at the legal process of buying a house in Cyprus. Unlike many continental European countries, the Cypriot system does have more similarities to British law, which is great news for buyers. However, there are still some key differences, especially as an overseas buyer, so keep reading to find out what you need to know.

Buying in Italy, Part Six: The buying system in Italy

The British have the same right to buy in Italy as the Italians do, but the legal process will not be like those you are used to in the UK. Italy’s legal system is a bit different, so, so too is the buying system in Italy. Find out the nine key steps in this, your final part of our serialisation of Buying in Italy.
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