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Top tips for a healthy, active retirement in Cyprus

We all want to have a happy life when we retire. And for us Brits, escaping the wet and windy British weather to sunnier climes is a big attraction. That’s why I recommend Cyprus for your retirement – not just because of the fantastic weather here, but because you can have a healthy, happy retirement. Read on to find out how to make the most of it.

Ticking the boxes on your Greek property location

The geography of Greece offers challenges to international buyers. How do you find the right Greek property location when you have over 200 islands to choose from? Diana from Corfuhomefinders explains how most people find their perfect island. 

Building your home in Cyprus, part 2: how to get planning permission

So, you’ve secured and bought your plot of land to build your own home here in Cyprus. What next? Well, it’s time to get your dreams of how the home will look down on paper, and get permission from the authorities to get started. Here’s how to find the right architect and go through planning permission.

My magical new village life in the Charente

If you’re thinking of making that leap of moving permanently to France and think you already know what to expect, think again. Village life in France may well surprise you with the joy and beauty it has to offer. Every day is a new adventure – a beautiful, colourful, joyful and glorious one. Enjoy every single minute of it.

Keeping cool in Cyprus

I’m writing to you now whilst in the middle of a heatwave in Cyprus. With temperatures in the summer months reaching mid to top 30 degrees Celsius, it’s topical for you to know ways to keep cool! There’s more than just air con, and those of us who lived here before home A-C became widespread have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves!