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Let’s retire to…the Peloponnese

Most people, when they think of Greece, think of its islands, but Greece has even more to offer. The Peloponnese has everything, sea, towns and mountains, and is more accessible from Athens throughout winter.

Healthcare in Cyprus – the expat’s experience

In this article, I want to walk you through what I call the nitty gritty aspects of healthcare in Cyprus, from one who knows what it involves, from finding a GP and seeing specialists to the costs to expect.

How much Greek do you need when living on mainland Greece?

If you’ve spent holidays on the islands, you may believe everyone speaks English. You might be wary of buying a property on the mainland because fewer people will speak English in the countryside. Actually, neither of these are 100% true! However, English is still a second language, and learning Greek will open so many doors (with the odd hilarious mistake along the way).

10 surprising things about living in Oz

Before my big move Down Under, I dreamt of a beautiful, sun-kissed country with a laid-back, outdoorsy lifestyle. I fully expected to wear a cork hat, drink cans of Fosters and put shrimps on the barbie. Although excited about the sun, sea and sand, my family and friends were keen to warn me about the dangers of the Outback; “Watch out for the spiders and snakes!” and “Be careful of the sharks!” were remarks I heard again and again. So what is life in Australia really like? Here are ten surprising things I learned…