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Where to buy in Australia in 2022

When you’ve been living in Australia for a little while you might find yourself wondering, “why didn’t we move here years ago!?” But right now, you might well be wondering where in Australia to move to and what sort of property can you afford? Check out our list of six great locations to buy property in Australia…

What’s happening with lockdown in Australia?

They refer to it as a shutdown rather than lockdown, and that’s not the only difference between Australia’s largely successful response to the coronavirus pandemic and our own. Rosie Pariser explains what is happening in Australia now, based on current guidelines and restrictions issued by Australian federal, state and territory governments from 3 June.

If you have these 15 skills, Australia wants you!

Lots of people want to move to Australia, but Australia doesn’t always want lots of people! However, do not despair. If you have a skilled occupation, you could be in luck. There are currently over two hundred jobs on the Skilled Occupation List, from healthcare professionals to designers, and the list is always changing.

Your perfect Australian weekend

What does the Australia lifestyle offer? Many of us are moving Down Under for a more outdoorsy, sporty and relaxed weekend life. More “me time”. Rosie Pariser found that life in Australia gave her the chance to squeeze every pleasure out of her weekends!

Ten movies that will tell you about life in Australia

Get transported to Australia this weekend! We’re inundated with films about life in the US, but celluloid can also teach us about the Australian experience too. So let these 10 movies about Australia showcase the countryside, childhood, history, relationship with the aborigines, the Outback and how to enjoy an Australia night out!

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