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Buying in Australia, Part Two: Timescales

Working out your timetable is a powerful tool for turning your dreams to reality. We always encourage buyers to work out their timescale for buying a home in Australia in advance, as that gives you a checklist to go back against and milestones to work towards. In this, part two of Buying in Australia, we look at how to draw up this timescale for buying a home in Australia. Here’s what you need each month:

How to make a success of moving to Australia with children

Moving to Australia with children could be one of the best decisions you take for your family. The warm weather, blue skies and long summers mean children (and adults!) are more likely to be out and about, enjoying a much more active lifestyle, whether it’s long days spent swimming at the beach or a weekend bush-trekking in the Outback. However, moving to the other side of the world is a big step – so how can you make it a success?

Could you swap the European winter for an Australian summer?

How does year-round summer sound to you? That’s what you’d have if you spent the UK winter in Australia each year. Holiday homes are a popular purchase in southern Spain, Italy and Greece – but there’s no reason you can’t purchase further afield. Australia’s English-speaking, has more or less the same legal system as the UK and is welcoming to temporary residents. Plus, spending December in 30ºC is hard to beat! Today, we’re looking at spending the British winter in Australia: the legalities, how to purchase a holiday home and what to do when you’re ov

Buying in Australia: Part One

If you’ve been considering relocating to Australia as an expat or retiree there has never been a better time than now. The sun-drenched country is consistently rated as having one of the best standards of living in the world, and the property market in Australia is one of the most robust and stable in recent history. British influence in Australia runs deep and emigrants from the UK make up the largest portion of expats in Australia according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. If you’re still not convinced, here are five reasons why this is the year to make the move to Australia. This is

Two (more) great reasons to move to Western Australia

Direct flights to Perth and cheaper homes are making a move to Western Australia increasingly attractive for emigrants from the UK. Two very different pieces of news this week will warm the hearts of any Brits planning an early escape from the British winter. Virgin plans direct flights “as soon as possible”, while real estate analysts claim that property prices in parts of WA have dropped as much as 75%.

What are the rules on renting out your property in Australia?

If you’re an Australia permanent resident and property-owner, you might be considering buying an investment property to rent out (or even letting your own). With yields ranging from 3.3% to 5.8% in the country’s major cities, there’s a real potential to get strong returns on renting out your property in Australia. As with many legalities, there are slight differences between various states and territories. Today, we’re covering the main areas you need to know, no matter where you are in Australia. Find out about tenancy types, rent regulation, lease agreements and more.

Sydney area guide

Australia has more UK expats than any other nationality and many of these expats find their way to Sydney to work, raise children and retire. Sydney is a dynamic and world-class city, it is surrounded by stunning natural beauty and boasts a high standard of living. With plenty of work opportunities, a diverse array of neighbourhoods to choose from, and loads of activities available, life in Sydney is anything but dull.

Where to find affordable property Down Under

Let us confirm what you probably already suspected: Sydney is the most expensive place to live in Australia. This iconic city has it all: sun-drenched beaches, salubrious neighbourhoods, spectacular natural harbour, fine restaurants and first-class shopping. But it comes at a price. The average house price in the capital of New South Wales currently stands at just over $1,000,000 (£495,800). Melbourne – the world’s most liveable city – trails closely behind.

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