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How to make friends in the USA

Making new friends can seem daunting whatever age you are, but there’s no need to panic. American’s have a reputation for being some of the friendliest people on the planet, and if all else fails you can lay it on thick with your British accent – they’ll be putty in your hands.

Removals – Top Ten Tips

Your bags are packed, you’re ready to go, the taxi’s waiting, blowing his horn… Hang on a minute, how are getting the rest of your stuff to the USA? Read our top moving tips.

Schooling in the USA

Anyone who watches TV probably knows American schools better than our own. From “junior prom” to yellow buses, from Principal Skinner and Mrs Krabappel in The Simpsons to Walter White in Breaking Bad, even the teaching faculty are like old friends.

USA cost of living index

America loves shopping and knows where to find a bargain. It invented the modern retail experience, from supermarkets to Amazon deliveries to fast food emporia. America killed off a few consumer goods along the way too, with smartphones and online services replacing much of what we used to cram into our shopping bags. So, with all that innovation, is it cheaper than other places? The all-new USA cost of living index investigates a range of prices, including our new ways of spending.

USA inheritance laws

We answer some important questions about inheritance laws in the USA and the steps you should take to protect your assets after buying a property there.

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