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Wilder weekends: exploring the US’s wildlife

Let’s face it – the UK is hardly Top of the Pops when it comes to potential for wildlife encounters. The closest we tend to get to the animal kingdom, is either a cuddle with a humble house cat, or maybe a fox making a racket behind the bins while we’re trying to sleep. When you move to the USA, it will be a different story entirely. Forget the humble badger, in some parts of the USA, you’ll have coyotes, mountain lions and bears living in your neck of the woods! 

What’s moving to the USA like for singles?

The start of the year’s a time for reflection. Are you living the life you want to live? Or do you have a nagging feeling you’d prefer life overseas? Moving to the US is a big leap, but is very rewarding. Unlike in some places, many Brits move to here on their own, for work or just for a change. So how is it moving to the USA as a single person?

What’s in store for the US property market in 2019?

The US property market in 2019 looks to continue the trend for high prices, with asking prices almost 50% higher than ten years ago – but if you know where to look, and just as importantly, what type of property to look for, you’ll be able to find bargains (and it’s all thanks to lower sales volumes – we’ll show you where).

Your handy guide to local taxes in the USA

Tax is a complicated business no matter where you decide to park yourself in the world. However, when you buy overseas, it’s vital to understand how your tax situation will be affected. For those hoping to buy property in the USA, getting your head around the system might take a head scratching. In America, tax is imposed at a federal, state AND a local government level. Yes – this means that you can be taxed by all three at once! Additionally, the US is one of only two countries in the world to tax non-resident citizens on their worldwide income, although they do offer a tax credit for foreig

Registering a car and getting a license in the USA

As of 2016, there were 222 million registered drivers on the road in the USA. Having a car is essential for getting round, even in most large cities. Even more so if you’re keen to make like Kerouac and go ‘on the road’ to see what your new country has to offer. Today we’re looking at whether you need a US driving licence, and if so, how to get one. We run through how to register a vehicle. Plus, you’ll find some quick, handy tips about how to drive safely when you move to the USA.

How to rent out your American home

If you’re looking to establish a little side-line in holiday rentals to see you through retirement, buying property in Florida could be the perfect way forward. But navigating the US holiday rentals market can be a little bit of a minefield. And the US taxman is not to be messed with! So today we’re explaining all you need to know about renting out your property in the USA.

Why move to Central Florida?

Central Florida’s Top of the Pops with the Brits for a reason (or several): year-round sunshine, world-class beaches, no state taxes – and surprisingly affordable property. If you’re looking to make a move to Central Florida, this one’s for you. We’re exploring the property hotspots, what you can expect to pay in each area, whom these areas would suit, as well as our favourite topic, the weather.

Moving your kids to the USA with you

If you’re considering a move to the USA with your children, chances are, like many, you’re emigrating for a fantastic job opportunity. As of 2018, the USA ranks third in the world in terms of income after Luxembourg and Switzerland. The average wage taken home in the USA sits at $58,700 (£45,400) per year. Furthermore, should you be moving for a management-level position, you can expect to earn up to six times the average! This could mean taking home as much as $382,200 (£282,600) per year for certain roles, which will certainly improve life for your family!

The USA property market’s on the rise – so now’s the time to buy

The US economy grew by 4.1% in the last quarter – and that growth is reflected in house prices. The latest figures from the Federal Housing Finance Agency show a definite upward trend. For international buyers looking to purchase USA property, this means now is the time to act – before prices rise higher. However, the US is a huge country, so these figures aren’t reflected everywhere. We look at what’s happening in the most popular US expat regions, including where you could find a bargain.

How to make friends when relocating to the USA

How will you make friends in the USA? The question might seem laughable to many who have made the move: “you’ll be fighting them off, with that accent!” But while striking up conversation is easy, making real connections involves a touch more work. So whether you’re moving to the USA or just buying a holiday home there, the prospect of recreating your friendship and support network can be daunting. Here are our suggestions.

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