Written by Scarlett Murray,
22nd March 2023

Are your sights on owning a home in America but you don’t have a big budget? We look at which states have average home values below the national average. From the mountains of West Virginia to the lively music scenes of Tennessee, we reveal why you want to own a home in each of these states.  

One thing that might be holding you back from purchasing a property in America is the price of a property over there. It goes without saying that the United States is huge – so researching where exactly you can find an affordable home over there might just feel like too daunting a task. The average home value in the United States is $327,514, up 6.8% over the last year. So, we’ve complied data from Zillow to uncover which states in America have an average home value below the national average, to guide you on where to find a budget-friendly home.  

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West Virginia

West Virginia.

West Virginia.

According to Zillow, data through 28th February 2023, shows that the average home value is $143,697. This is up by 6.4% in the last year.

As well as being home to affordable property, West Virginia is an extremely beautiful destination of characterful mountain towns, incredible natural landscapes, and limitless outdoor activities. The New River Gorge National Park is an absolute must-see. It is an amazing 70,000 acres of lush greenery. It is the perfect place for whiter water rafting, rock climbing, motorsports, fishing, hiking, and camping. Plus, if you are feeling romantic – stargazing.

So, if you are looking for a property that is both affordable and excellent for outdoor life, maybe West Virginia could suit you well.




Data provided by Zillow shows that average home value is $156,113 in Mississippi. This has gone up 3.4% in the last year.

Mississippi boasts of warm weather and mild winters. It is a cultural hubbub with a long history of music. If that’s you, you’ll be taken with the Elvis Tribute Statute, the birthplace of Elvis, and the Getaway to the Blues Museum. Plus, Mississippi has a gorgeous little beach town of white sand and easy waters, Biloxi Beach. It also has a pretty picturesque lighthouse that dates back to 1848.

If love a long hike to clear your head, we’d recommend the Natchez Trace Parkway, a 444-mile road that connects Mississippi to Tennessee. You can also journey through it with your bike or legs.

If you love crawfish, shrimp, and corn bread – you will be able to feast on it at a low-cost here.




The average value of a home in Oklahoma is $185,171. This is up 8.8% from last year.

Oklahoma (try not to sing it in your head) has a landscape made up of rugged mountains, thirty-three state parks, and of course, the iconic Route 66. The Witchita Mountain Byway Wildlife Refuge is considered the largest remanent block of Central and Southern Mixed Grassland in North America. Culturally, there is lots to explore with the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, the Factory Obscura Mixtape (an immersive, interactive art experience), and a museum on Route 66.

On average, there are 234 days of sunshine a year, the US average being 205. But locals do complain of the heat – the average daily maximum in the summer is 33 degrees in July.




The data collected reveals that the average value of a home in Iowa is $194,074. Over the last year this has gone up by 7.9%.

Remember Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” painting? It was painted in front of a rural home in Iowa. As miserable as the faces of the couple in the painting are, here is my effort to entice you to purchase a property there!

Iowa is often simply identified with baseball and farming – but this means that the food really is as fresh as can be. It is known for its corn, tenderloins, and rhubarb pie.

If you an admirer of beautiful nature, head to Dunnings Springs Waterfall – a terrific 200-foot waterfall nestled in a forest. Additionally, the Remain Gardens has a Butterfly Garden, populated by 800 live butterflies, representing 80 species.

The weather is not the main selling point of Iowa, you can get tornados – yikes. But you might just fall in love with the character of the place.




According to Zillow, the average house value in Alabama is $199,357. This is up by 7.7% in the last year.

Alabama (again, try not to sing it, but do if your heart so desires) is a stunning state. At 1.3 miles, Cathedral Caverns State Park is one of the largest caves open to the public in the US. If you want to tick seeing a prehistoric shark’s tooth off your bucket list – look up, there’s one on the ceiling.

More than that, Alabama offers a greater quality of life than the UK, with beaches and golfing galore.

Furthermore, Alabama is home to the wonderful Gulf Coast, made up of soft-sugar white sand and pretty turquoise waters. The Gulf Coat has award-winning restaurants, water sports, snorkelling, and dolphin cruises.

With 215 days of sunshine a year, you can enjoy Alabama’s 200 golf courses year-round.




The average house value in Kansas is $205,073, as reported by Zillow. This has increased by 9.6% over the last year.

For me at least, Kansas creates thoughts of Dorothy, tapping her shoes with longing. And if you are hoping that a owning a home Kansas will like a owning a home in the land of Oz, head to the Oz Museum to have it all brought to life.

You probably also associate Kansas with endless prairie lands – and you can find exactly that – or to be precise, 76 kilometres – in the Flint Hills National Scenic Byway. For more of the same, head to Wetlands & Wildlife National Byway, with its historic sites, quaint shops, and dining.

But just like the Wizard of Oz warned us – the climate is something to be aware of in Kansas. Tornadoes aren’t as fictional as Oz or munchkins.

But Kansas does boast of fantastic barbeque food, warm country club culture, heaps of agriculture, and light traffic.




Quite a bit more than some of the other states on this list, but still below the national average, the average Tennessee home is valued at $282,806. This is an increase of 8.4% from the year before.

With a home in Tennessee, you will have so much to see and do. Elvis Presley’s Graceland pulls in visitors from across the globe. There is also Sun Studios, the birthplace of rock and roll, where legendary musicians from Ike Turner to B.B King to U2 have recorded. The music tour does not stop there either, there’s the Johnny Cash Museum and Country Hall of Fame Museum. But Tennessee’s music history is not just a thing of the past, the Grande Ole Opry is still legendary Nashville concert venue. Beale Street is one of the liveliest places I have ever been to. A sensory explosion of bright lights; music spilling out on to the streets from every bar; warm food in eye-popping American sized portions; hustle, bustle – and just genuine joy.

Outside of music, there is plenty to keep you interested in Tennessee. There’s Dollywood, a theme park-cum-waterpark Dolly Parton extraordinaire. Plus, Jack Daniel’s Distillery and the National Civil Rights Museum.

Even with all this man-made excitement, Tennessee boasts of intense natural beauty. The Great Smoky Mountains is the most visited national park in the United States. It is great for hiking, cycling camping, and black bear spotting.

Another bonus of owning a home in Tennessee is that there is no income, estate, or inheritance tax.

Which other states have affordable properties?

The average home value in Indiana is $217,394; Georgia, $299,886; and Missouri, $220,992. 

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