Written by Scarlett Murray,
26th April 2023

Have you factored in climate-resilience into your search for a city in the USA to move to? Orlando has been recognised for its climate resilience.  

Downtown Orlando

Downtown Orlando.

There are many factors that will influence your choice of where to purchase a property in the United States. You might be moving to be close to family or friends or for a job opportunity. Perhaps, you’d like to own a home somewhere that will give you a fantastic outdoor lifestyle. Or maybe an affordable property market is a main priority for you. One factor that you may not have considered before but is incredibly important is how climate resilient the area that you are purchasing a home in is. America is home to some extreme weather: tornados, hurricanes, flooding, drought, and wildfire. It would be terrible to purchase a property in a high-risk area and end up with your beautiful new home being damaged or lost to harsh climate conditions.

So, Architectural Digest have collected data to see which cities are the most climate-resilient. They look at 14 different factors to determine the climate-resilience of each city, such as: population, elevation and predicted sea rise, extreme weather, air quality index, clean energy ranking.

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The following cities were named the top ten for climate-resilience:

  1. Denver, C
  2. Raleigh, NC
  3. Salt Lake City, UT
  4. Seattle, WA
  5. Charlotte, NC
  6. Milwaukee, WI
  7. Austin, TX
  8. Columbus, OH
  9. Orlando, FL
  10. Atlanta, GA

Orlando being one of the top ten climate-resilient cities is impressive because other cities in Florida are distinctly not. Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami ranked as the three least climate-resilient cities. This is because these cities have very low elevation, they are at high risk from rising sea levels, and are vulnerable to severe weather. So, if you are drawn to Florida, but haven’t settled on a city yet, perhaps climate-resilience could weigh the scales in Orlando’s favour.

disney theme park entrance

Theme park city!

How can you make your home more climate-resilient?

While we can all do more to minimise our carbon footprints, you can also get a homeowner’s insurance, which will cover the costs of damage to your home due to natural disasters. Furthermore, a home warranty can cover the costs of appliances, such as an air conditioner.

What is the weather like in Orlando?

girl sunshine

A home in Orlando = sunny days ahead!

With an average temperature of 25.5°C year-round, Orlando has a warm climate. The coldest month is January, but it even has an average daily maximum of 21.9°C. July and August are the warmest, reaching 33°C. However, there are also heavy downfalls of rainfall, which are often followed by warm spells.

What else is there to love about Orlando?


Thrilling days for kids (and big kids) at Universal.

Aside from climate-resilience, Orlando has much to boast about. It often called the theme park capital of the world, as it is home to Walt Disney World Resort, Legoland, SeaWorld, and Universal.  If you do have young kids, this is definitely the way to convince them that the move overseas will be fantastic. The potential downside of this is that you will have to get used to bumping shoulders with a number of tourists.

Wildlife photographers and outdoorsy types will love it here: 15 miles northwest of Orlando, there’s the Lake Apopka, populated by 360 different bird species. Plus, there is Bervard Zoo, where you can go kayaking through an animal exhibit. And the delightful Wekiwa Springs State Park.

Additionally, you can fish, experience on an airboat tour through the wetlands, and zip through the air at 1,200 feet in Gatorland’s Screamin’ Zip Line. Undoubtedly, Orlando is a fun-filled city and a owning a home there would mean that all of this was just on your doorstep.

What job opportunities are there in Orlando?

If you are looking for a career in the tourism sector, with its incredible theme parks, Orlando possibly could not be a better place to go. Moreover, this has led to a thriving digital media sector, with Universal Studios employing 120+ creative experts.

Orlando doesn’t just make rides that will make you feel out of this world – it has carried astronauts out of this world too. With aerospace and aviation being flourishing industries. There are 400k+ qualified tech workers in Orlando.

Other big industries include logistics and distribution, gaming, entertainment, and healthcare.

What is the price of property in Orlando?

orlando house

Homes in Orlando tend to be more affordable than in Miami.

According to Zillow, the average home value is $366,135, up 5.7% over the last year. We can compare this to Miami, where the average home value is $539,573, up 12.7% in the last year.

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