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Where in America can I find an affordable home?

Are your sights on owning a home in America but you don’t have a big budget? We look at which states have average home values below the national average. From the mountains of West Virginia to the lively music scenes of Tennessee, we reveal why you want to own a home in each of these states.  

10 fabulous Florida properties for you to discover

The sunshine state of Florida attracts over 1.5 million British tourists annually. We love it there so much that 400,000 of us actually choose to move there each year! The state is home to exciting attractions like Walt Disney World and Miami beach, boasts a sub-tropical temperate and has a diverse population.

How to secure a home loan in Florida

When buying property in Florida, you can soften the effects of the exchange rate by purchasing with a mortgage. Purchasing from a British owner could also help your case. We take a closer look and highlight some pointers for helping you to secure a home loan.
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