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Florida prices rising at 25%

Property prices in the US continued to leap ahead during the summer at a rate of 18.5%, according to the latest quarterly report from the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). But where are they rising fastest, and why?

Highlights and hotspots of Florida’s north-east coast

While plenty of international buyers flock to the theme parks of central Florida, all too many miss the glorious beach life of the north-east coast. Here you’ll find art and culture, exciting watersports (and motor sports), astronauts, beach resorts and some of the most glorious coastline in the world. And all just an hour’s drive from DisneyWorld!

US home prices: what’s going on?

If you’ve just come back to the US property market after 18 months away, you may be in for a shock. In what’s been described as a “market frenzy”, prices have been rising at their fastest rate for 30 years. So is it best to avoid buying US property for a while? Not necessarily, say the experts, momentum has been building for a while and shows no sign of waning. Moreover, the US is only slightly ahead of the UK…

Flights to restart to USA

The US and UK governments have announced that travel to the US will restart for the general public and non-US residents from early November after almost 20 months. But what has changed and what is open to do in our favourite US state, Florida?

Florida news update

After the news that we might be able to enjoy an international holiday from 17 May, many of us are excited at the prospect of jumping on a plane to visit the Sunshine State. But what’s the latest in Florida? Are the theme parks open? When will we be able to fly there? We answer your questions here.

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