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How does America celebrate New Year?

If 2017 goes to plan, this time next year you could have just celebrated New Year in the US of A. So what can you expect from the evening celebrations in 360 nights’ time? Happy New Year – we hope you had a wonderful festive period! Although by now you’re almost a week into your New Year’s Resolutions, if you spent New Year’s Eve raising a glass (or three!) to making 2017 the year that you finally buy property in the USA, you might like to know how different your celebrations will be when you’re residing near the beach in Florida, or surrounded by vineyards in California.

It’s a wonderful life in these small American towns

Many of us will be watching It’s A Wonderful Life this Christmas. It’s the ultimate feel-good movie and all about the joys and fellowship of small town life in the USA. Here are five of our favourite small American towns We’ve all grown up watching films and TV shows set in small town America. Where the local diner or bar is the centre of the action, where everyone knows each other’s name and there’s a real sense of community.

There’s more to American cuisine than burgers!

Find homes in the USA via our property portal. Feeling peckish? Moving to America means saying hello to a whole new world of taste sensations. Today we check out the most popular items on any American menu, so you’ll know what to try when you settle down on that diner stool.  

A Stateside Christmas

Find homes in the USA via our property portal. Christmas in the US is an unforgettable experience – as long as you don’t mind working on Boxing Day  

The great American welcome

Find homes in the USA via our property portal. Will America be as friendly to new arrivals as it always was? This week the USA Property Guide’s writer Amy Baker takes a look at how Americans welcome newcomers in the era of President-elect Trump and sifts the evidence to see if there has been a change.  

What sports and hobbies can I enjoy when I move to the USA?

The USA Property Guide runs through your sporting options for when you make the move to the USA. Let’s brush aside the logistics for just a moment and consider one of the most exciting aspects of your relocation to the USA – the chance to start afresh! We all have fun ideas about new hobbies and sports we might like to try, and grand plans to implement big changes to our lifestyle should ever get the time – but we rarely do because our day-to-day just gets in the way. Your big move provides the perfect time to dig out that list and finally start ticking off some of the new hobbies you always f

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