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Are you set on purchasing a property on the Spanish coast but can’t decide on exactly where? With a coastline that stretches thousands upon thousands of miles, it’s understandable that you might not know where exactly you want your patch to be. We highlight the features that make five of the Costas special.   

There are ten (yes – ten!) main Costas in Spain, so you really are spoiled for choice. They all boast of Blue Flag beaches, delicious cuisine, and a warm climate. But if that applies to all the Costas, then how do you choose the one for you?

You may have had a wonderful trip to Alicante and an equally wonderful trip to Malaga – oh dear, the indecision is only prolonged!

We appreciate that purchasing a property overseas is a big decision. So, you want to be choosing the Costa that suits you best. To help you make that decision, we’ve teased out some of the characteristics that make each Costa unique. By no means is this list comprehensive, but if you’d like more insight into areas in Spain, our articles are filled with all sorts of information on this gorgeous country.

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1. Costa Blanca

Poniente beach.

Poniente beach, Benidorm, Costa Blanca.

The Costa Blanca is by far the most popular choice with international property buyers. In 2022, 40% of home sales to foreign buyers were located in the Costa Blanca. This figure significantly outstrips that of any other region in Spain.

Located in the Alicante province, it extends from the town of Denia in the north all the way to Pilar de la Horadada in the south. Other well-known spots include the hedonistic Benidorm, a destination known for its built-up skyline, fun-packed beach days, and night-time buzz. For somewhere a little more chill, try Gran Alacant, which offers lovely lazy days on the beach and plenty of opportunity for exploring its beautiful hilly terrain.

Given its popularity, you can easily get to the Costa Blanca, all year round from most UK airports. It is served by Alicante airport, with a journey of about two hours and thirty minutes if you are flying from London.

Weather wise, June through to September sees temperatures in the high 20s, with July and August regularly achieving 30 degrees. October sees a dip to the mid to low twenties, but it is still pleasant. But you will feel a chill December through to February.

Due to being so popular among foreign buyers, the Costa Blanca has a strong expat community. This means that you are likely to find British treats, chit-chat, someone to watch the sport with, and your pick of international schools. If you are planning to move to Spain full-time, and have limited Spanish, then the Costa Blanca is a good choice because you will have plenty of company to make you feel at home.

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2. Costa del Sol


Marbella, Costa del Sol.

In 2022, Costa del Sol was the second most beloved Costa among foreign buyers, with 24% choosing to purchase a property there. The Costa del Sol is a region in the south of Spain in the autonomous community of Andalusia. It includes adored locations such as Malaga, Marbella, Estepona, and Torrox.

Being in the south, the Costa del Sol has warmer weather than the Costa Blanca. In the summer, the Costa del Sol sees upwards of a whooping ten hours of sunshine a day, with almost no expected rainfall, and with daily averages of 28 – 31 °C. The consistent sea breeze makes the heat more manageable. Spring and Autumn sees temperatures of the mid to low twenties. Only in winter do temperatures sink to the teens, but with sunshine hours reaching seven – amazing, if you are someone who struggles with the reduced sunlight in the British winter.

If you are thinking of renting out your future property to holidaymakers, then the Costa del Sol might be the way to go. With such a small off-season, you could rent it out to tourists June through to August. Then, you could spend the rest of the year there, and still get to enjoy a lot of sunshine.

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3. Costa Brava

Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava

Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava.

Costa Brava is a coastal region of Catalonia in north-eastern Spain. If you are so torn about where to purchase a property overseas, then the Costa Brava might be for you, as it gives you a footing into France. For, the Costa Brava is regarded as stretching from the town of Blanes to the French border, therefore including parts of the province of Girona. It encompasses the spirited Barcelona. In this region, Catalan is spoken, and it is worth learning some if you can. Our expat writer, Sally Veall has lived there for years, and can provide very detailed insight into life there. Here she writes on why it is a lovely location to retire to. Airport wise, it is served by Girona in the north and Barcelona in the south.

The Costa Brava has a stunning coastline, woods, pretty villages, and outstanding views of the Pyrenees. Many of the beaches are not long and sweeping but rather intimate, enclosed spaces, surrounded by cliffs and rocks. In contrast to Costa del Sol, Costa Brava can cool considerably during winter months. There is even a history of a little snow. Additionally, autumn is considerably wetter, with October receiving 73mm of rain. If you are looking to move to Spain for warmer weather, but you do like the seasons to be broken up, then Costa Brava might be your place.

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4. Costa Dorada

Sitges, Costa Dorada

Sitges, Costa Dorada.

‘The Gold Coast’ suits its name beautifully, with its golden (excuse me) sands and inviting waters. Located just southwest of Barcelona, Costa Dorada has not made its name on the map quite like the Costa del Sol or Brava, but it certainly has the potential to. It is home to Sitges, an up-and-coming town, known for being an LGBTQI+ friendly destination. Sitges has its own Carnival and world-renowned Film Festival. To get there, you can find cheap flights from either Barcelona or Reus airport.

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5. Costa Almeria


Cabo de Gata, Almeria.

The Costa Almeria is located in Andalusia, it extends from Pulpi all the way to the border of the province of Granada. Here, you can find many beautiful, unspoiled beaches. The hottest coast, Almeria actually has a semi-arid climate, and is home to the Tabernas Desert. Summer lasts between May to September. In August, temperatures regularly reach 30 degrees and above, with not a drop of rain in sight – a fact that may warm you or frighten you. Almeria has a history as the setting for spaghetti westerns, with films starring Clint Eastwood. So, if you do want a break from the beach, there’s lots of history and culture to explore.

Many of the beaches are unspoiled and possess an undiscovered feel (at least by tourists), so it may be your Costa if you’re looking for somewhere a little less high profile than say, the Costa Blanca. Additionally, properties tend to be a bit more affordable in Almeria.

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