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High Court ruling says no to expat vote on UK EU Referendum

The High Court ruling today confirmed that any British expats who have been living away from the UK for over 15 years are unable to vote on whether the UK should stay or leave the EU. The case was spearheaded by a 94 year old veteran of World War II, Harry Shindler, who is resident in Italy, and a lawyer, Jacquelyn MacLennan. Their case was based on the argument that by denying them the right to vote on whether the UK should stay in or leave the EU, their right to freedom of movement under EU law was restricted, stating that their lives will be directly affected by the outcome of the referendu

How Catalans celebrate Lovers’ Day

Did you know that the Patron Saint of England is also the patron saint of Catalonia? He is also the saint for other countries, such as Malta, Portugal, Georgia and Romania. It seems that he is celebrated in one way or another everywhere except in England. Could that be due to King Henry VIII, who was excommunicated from the Catholic Church and became the Defender of the Faith of the Anglican Church? I don’t know, but it seems a shame that there are no special festivities on his day.

April property market update

For the past few years, the French property market has been fairly stagnant, with little to no movement in the average house price. This has not been particularly great for the sellers across the country, but for buyers from overseas, holidaymakers and expats alike, it presented a great opportunity – forming what can only be described as a buyers’ market.

Tips on how best to renovate your new French home

There are still some wonderful bargains around in France if you are looking for a house with outside space, which may need complete or partial renovation. For many years, the French have realised that it is the Brits who love renovation, and historically, they have not been too interested in improving their properties. This means that you are unlikely to have any trouble finding a character property with original features (perhaps a barn, as well as outside space), which needs updating or modernisation in some way. But are you up for it? You need to consider how you will go about renovating th

France still skiing while rest of Europe shuts

With the traditional end of the French ski season this weekend, agents and buyers should be getting down to the serious business of buying and selling property from Monday. A late flurry of snow last week, plus up to 15cm more snow expected today, will extend the season, however, with French resorts staying open while most of Europe shuts down.

Home rental is the future of quality tourism, says Airbnb

If you had a friend visiting from overseas, where would you take them to show them the best of your country? According to the boss of Airbnb, it probably wouldn’t be the places that the tourist industry are taking us. He believes that new tourism models need to develop, and overseas home-owners are uniquely placed to deliver them.

If Brittany is the new Cornwall, then where’s the new Brighton?

According to The Times newspaper, Brittany is the “new Cornwall” for London’s wealthy looking for a second home. “In many ways it’s like a bigger version of Cornwall but with more sun and homes at a fraction of the price,” says the newspaper: “The average value of a property in Brittany hovers about the €150,000 (£120,000) mark and it’s not that difficult to reach.”

Work and School Balance

Is work culture about to change in Spain? It certainly seems possible, thanks to a recent landmark decision by a court which permitted an employee to be “late” to work so that he could take his son to school. Could this be the beginnings of a new realistic view of the rights of working people across Spain?
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