Written by Scarlett Murray,
29th September 2022

Spain plans to issue a brand new “digital nomad” visa for remote workers. This scheme is open to Britons and other non-EU citizens and will give them the opportunity to move to Spain, where they can enjoy a warmer climate and a lower cost of living.

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Could you benefit from Spain’s “digital nomad” visa scheme?


If the pandemic shifted the world positively in one way, it was with the widespread introduction of more flexible ways to work. For many of us, all that truly became crucial to working was having a good internet connection. Even as restrictions have lifted, it appears that work from home will be here to stay.

Under Spain’s new “digital nomad” visa scheme, people working remotely for companies in foreign countries will be able to live in Spain. They will be able to live in Spain without a work visa, as would usually be required.

The ambition of the scheme is to attract foreign workers and to create an influx of international business in Spain.


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The details of the scheme have yet to be fine-tuned.

The visa will be offered to those who work for a non-Spanish firm and who derive a maximum of 20% of their income from Spanish firms. People coming from the EU can already work in Spain remotely for under six months of the year, so this scheme is specifically aimed at those coming from non-EU countries.

It is anticipated that the visa, which will essentially serve as a residency permit, will be valid for up to one year. It will then be renewable for up to five years.

Furthermore, close relatives, such as spouse and children, will be eligible to join the applicant.

For the first four years, applicants will be taxed at 15% rather than the 25% base rate.

What they need from you (the applicant):

  • You must have been working remotely for at least a year.
  • You must have a contract of employment from a non-Spanish company.
  • If you are a freelancer, you must demonstrate that you are regularly employed by a non-Spanish company.
  • You must demonstrate that you are able to be financially self-sufficient in Spain.
  • You must have an address in Spain.

Spain will be joining 15 other European countries in its creation of a digital nomad scheme. Each country has its own regulations. They allow foreign remote workers to stay from 6 months to 2 years. Some come with set requirements for how much you must be earning to qualify for the scheme. For example, in Croatia, applicants must be earning €2,300 a month. In Portugal, only €700. It is predicted that Spain will set their minimum to €2,000.

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What would a move to Spain mean for you?

The appeal

Working from home has many benefits. It has been praised for improving people’s work-life balance and emotional well-being. Many have found that they are able to work faster from home because they have fewer distractions. If you already work from home, you are probably already familiar with its advantages. No commute, so a little more sleep. Full control of the temperature of the room you’re working in. A walk in your lunch break.

Now, just imagine all this, but in Spain. Sunshine, siestas, and seafood!

A move to Spain comes with many positives. For starters, your income from your non-Spanish employer could go much further in Spain than it does in the UK. You could swap your cramped city flat for a spacious home by the sea. Your endless jumpers and thick socks could be swapped for less clothes – and let’s be honest – less of a fear of rising energy costs.


As exciting as working remotely from Spain sounds, you might be worried about how you will connect with your non-Spanish employer. With work from home, nothing is more essential than reliable Wi-Fi. You’re in luck! Worldwide, Spain ranks number 11 for broadband internet speed, the UK is not even in the top 20. Additionally, Spain has a well-developed 4G connectivity across the country.


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