With many of us stuck at home, it’s important to remember there are still ways you can get ready for your move. Now’s the perfect time to brush up on your Spanish, and, as we find out, all it needs is 15 minutes a day.

Many of us are aware of the technical things we can get done to be ready to buy once normalcy returns – registering for an NIE number, speaking to your currency specialist about protecting your money from market drops, making the most of the lull to have detailed conversations with estate agents – but the list doesn’t end there. For many of us, one of the big draws of Spain is that unbeatable Spanish lifestyle and the friendliness and laid-back nature of its people. Your key to joining in with this lifestyle is the Spanish language – so why not make a head start on learning it today?

What’s the best way to learn Spanish?

Learning a language might fill many of us with dread, with memories of verb tables, the imperfect subjunctive and sentences you’re never going need to say, but things have certainly changed since then. Many of us don’t want to spend hours doing repetitive tasks – which is where technology comes in.

Our language partners Gymglish, known for their innovative software for learning French and English that has attracted a fanbase of thousands around the world, have decided to give Spanish the same treatment. While their latest programme isn’t yet available to the general public, we have an exclusive free trial subscription available to Spain Property Guides readers and, as Maria Ribeiro explains to us, it’s short, snappy and smart, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

With many of us cooped up indoors, now's the perfect time to brush on your Spanish!

With many of us cooped up indoors, now’s the perfect time to brush on your Spanish!

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The idea is based around short bursts of learning and users will receive a daily lesson in their inbox that will take only about fifteen minutes to complete – and you’ll be surprised at how much progress you make in a short period of time. You’ll find the same witty dialogues that have made Frantastique a favourite and, before you know it, you’ll be hooked into the story of Hotel Borbollón, where unexpected heiress Ana finds herself taking on a struggling Spanish hotel staffed by a self-confessed crew of misfits.

By learning in bitesize chunks, you’ll find – if you’re anything like us – the schedule is much easier to fit into your day and to stick to long-term. Plus, experts recommend that we only learn small amounts in one go and repeat often to truly memorise them, and that’s exactly what a short, daily lesson will do for you.

How can I get feedback if I’m learning online?

With just the click of a mouse! The latest AI (artificial intelligence) means that Hotel Borbollón offers you instant feedback and handy tips in both Spanish and English. And, unlike in a traditional class where you’re stuck learning at the same pace as everyone else, the AI uses your first seven lessons to assess your level and then starts delivering you lessons personalised to your needs and level.

As we touched on above, repetition is key to retaining what you learn. While traditionally this might have meant endless copying out words and tables, Hotel Borbollón’s AI engine automatically takes into account our natural tendency to forget over time and reinserts key points at gradually further-apart intervals, as well as designing a long-term revision scheme for each individual user.

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How can I practise my spoken Spanish?

Learning with digital software is a fantastic way to really hone in on how people actually speak. You can stop, start and listen and repeat as many times as you want – and, as a plus, Hotel Borbollón uses authentic, varied Spanish accents like you’ll hear when you move, instead of the Latin American versions you’ll find on a lot of sites.

You’ll also get a regular dose of culture in the ‘dessert’ section at the end of the lesson. You can discover film clips, songs and extracts from literature related to the topic of the day.

Gymglish’s programmes for English and French have already attracted a community of 4,000,000 learners around the world. We’ve been offered a early-bird access to the new Spanish courses, with a free trial specially for Spain Property Guides readers. Click here to sign up to your free seven-day trial.

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