Greece Property News

At Greece Property Guides, you can browse the latest Greek property news. We regularly round up the latest goings-on from the market, so you can get all your updates in once place.

Buying a house in Greece? Then you need to be up to speed with the latest Greece real estate news before your move. You will find coverage of all you need to know, such as forecasts, new regulations, and housing trends.

Flying to Greece

Flying to Greece has never been easier thanks to a comprehensive flight schedule from UK airports. If you do fall foul of a reduced winter service, however, Greece Property Guides has a cunning plan to ferry you to your chosen destination.

How to live on a British state pension in Greece

In Britain, the state pension “triple lock” lived to fight another day after being threatened in the General Election in June. Retirees can continue to look forward to above-inflation increases. All the same, you might struggle to live on a low income in Britain, but how would you fair in Greece, should you opt to retire abroad instead?

Greek culture and customs

When you begin living in Greece there can be a culture shock. Don’t worry, the Greeks are an understanding sort of people and they will be keen to put you at your ease. Here is a brief guide to etiquette.

Time to invest in Athens?

With Athens out of the political news in the past year, it is starting to be mentioned in the property pages once again. Here we sift the evidence to see if investors should be heading to “the glorious city”.

Live like a celeb in Greece

Celebrities love Greece! And we’re not just talking about the stars of Love Island here, but bona fide Hollywood superstars. So where do the world’s beautiful people holiday and buy property in Greece?

Protecting your family and home from earthquakes

In Europe we are mercifully free from the natural disasters that devastate other parts of the world. We also have strong building codes that protect us from earthquakes. In Greece, the most seismically affected part of Europe, strict rules have once again saved many lives this week. Here is how you can protect yourself even further.

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