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At Greece Property Guides, you can browse the latest Greek property news. We regularly round up the latest goings-on from the market, so you can get all your updates in once place.

Buying a house in Greece? Then you need to be up to speed with the latest Greece real estate news before your move. You will find coverage of all you need to know, such as forecasts, new regulations, and housing trends.

Your area guide to Crete

The enchanting island of Crete is the Greek destination of choice for many international buyers. When asked why, many tell tales of the picturesque landscapes, gorgeous beaches, interesting history and friendly locals.

5 of the best Greek islands for sailing

Greek island hopping is on many people’s bucket lists. Whether in your own boat or a rental, there really is no better way to explore and enjoy the islands than by sea. If you’re a keen sailor, then you may also be wondering where to buy property to use as a base for regular sailing holidays in Greece.

Buying in Greece, your property, visa and legal questions answered

Travel to Greece is back again, with budget airlines close to their usual summer schedules and the sun shining on half-full resorts from Ithaca to Evia. But can we buy there, can we move there, what do we need for a golden visa or retirement visa and what’s happened to prices? We asked two experts on buying in Greece your top questions, as sent in to us at

A postcard from Corfu

Exactly a year ago, Corfu property specialist Diane returned from London to Corfu, knowing that there was some sort of virus beginning to spread. Heathrow seemed to have normal passenger volume, but Athens airport was very quiet and shortly after her return, Greece went into its first lockdown. There were no UK incoming flights to Corfu’s regional airports until July. 

Where to buy in Greece in 2021

Lockdown after lockdown and numerous travel restrictions has left many of us itching to get out of the country. If you’ve always dreamed of a holiday home (or forever home) in Greece, whether it be on one of the picturesque islands or the historical mainland, we have created a list of six of the best places to buy property in Greece in 2021…

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