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At Greece Property Guides, you can browse the latest Greek property news. We regularly round up the latest goings-on from the market, so you can get all your updates in once place.

Buying a house in Greece? Then you need to be up to speed with the latest Greece real estate news before your move. You will find coverage of all you need to know, such as forecasts, new regulations, and housing trends.

Look to Greece for sustainability, and eco-friendly homes

Sustainability, eco-friendly, and low energy costs, have become top priorities for house buyers. To own a house in Greece which both respects the environment and saves you money on energy bills, is a win-win for everyone. But which islands are leading the way on sustainability initiatives? And how can you make your house in Greece sustainable and eco-friendly?

4 Greek towns a short drive from an airport

When you step out of the airport, do you long to get to your accommodation as quickly as possible? Are you anxious to jump into your shorts and T-shirt, and relax in the sun. Then you should consider buying a home in a Greek town that is a short drive from an airport.

Settling into a Greek Village

Do you have fantasies of renovating an old Greek property and turning it into a truly beautiful home? Julia and her husband Marcus renovated a property in a sleepy Greek village by the sea. When they arrived, they were the only British people in the village and the locals were kind and welcoming. She also shares her experience of renovating her Greek property, from what she was able to do herself to employing local tradespeople.

3 Natural Wonders on the Greek Islands

On the Greek islands you will find many amazing rock formations, around the coastlines and in the mountains and gorges. Here are three natural wonders, that demonstrate just how amazing the Greek landscape is, and how you could live in a town with all this amazing nature on your doorstep.

Have you got your hands on a Greece digital nomad visa yet?

The Greece digital nomad visa enables you to work remotely in the country for up to twelve months. Other than simply the chance to live in sunny Greece, its benefits include: low taxation, easy renewal, as well as the ability to bring spouses and dependents. Find out more about why the Greece digital nomad visa could be such a fantastic choice for you.  

Three towns in East Crete and homes nearby!

East Crete has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with towns that have an authentic Greek feel.  This is the quietest side of the island, yet it is thought to have the most beautiful beaches and the most luxurious resorts on Crete. Plus, we look at homes in East Crete: prices and property types, with examples – scroll down, you might just find your ideal home in East Crete! 
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