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Buying a house in Greece? Then you need to be up to speed with the latest Greece real estate news before your move. You will find coverage of all you need to know, such as forecasts, new regulations, and housing trends.

The Eastern Aegean Islands

When you think of Greece, you most likely think of the popular destinations that tourists flock to: Crete, Corfu, Mykonos. But what about the lesser known Eastern Aegean islands? What potential do they have as a location for an overseas home?

How the ancients influenced Greek homes today

When you choose a home in Greece, the design of the property has come down from millennia of architectural tradition. Homes are built to withstand the demands of the sea, sun and intense heat of summer. And they look beautiful. So what are the influences of Greek architecture and what should you look out for?

6 steps to buying a home in Greece

Buying a property in Greece may be the best decision you ever make. Stunning beaches and scenery, affordable housing, delicious cuisine, friendly locals… we could go on and on about why Greece is an excellent choice for a holiday home or forever home. But how do you buy property in Greece? We outline the property buying process in six simple steps.

East vs west Crete: which would suit you best?

Greece’s largest island, Crete is also the country’s most popular destination for foreign homeowners. Historically, most resident expats prefer the island’s more traditional west and while the east is known for its handful of lively holiday resorts, one corner there has become a hot spot for luxury living…

All roads lead to Rhodes!

A top pick for holidaymakers in Europe, Rhodes is fast becoming one of the most exciting islands to own a Greek property. It’s also home to a new global initiative for sustainable tourism. So, where should you consider buying property in Rhodes?

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