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Buying in Greece, Part Three: Area Guide

Greece continues to be one of the most popular locations with international property buyers. In part, this is due to the wide range of geographies, climates and lifestyles on offer depending on where you choose to look. In addition to the mainland of the country, there are over 200 inhabited islands, each with its own character and appeal. Three-quarters of Greece is uninhabited, and even the popular areas remain unspoilt. You can easily find an unspoilt island paradise. So, with so much choice, in Part Three of our six-part series on Buying in Greece, we’re looking at where to buy in Gr

Buying in Greece: Part 2

Part two of our series is all about establishing a timescale for buying in Greece. (If you missed Part One, have a read of how to focus your property hunt here). Working out your timetable is a fantastic way to make sure everything stays on track. Once you’ve got that end date fixed in your mind, you can work backwards and set key markers in the process. Use the following as a kind of checklist – tick off each point as you accomplish it.

Buying in Greece: Part 1

Dreaming of a move to Greece, with the beach on your doorstep and the perfect home, perhaps with a pool or some land? Well, the good news is that this doesn’t have to just be a dream – you can easily make 2019 the year you start your new life overseas. Brexit may be on the way, but the door isn’t going to shut. The requirements will be different, and you’ll need to jump through some loopholes, but with advice from us and expert lawyers, currency specialists and mortgage brokers, you really can turn your dream into reality. Best of all? We’re giving you all the advice you need in our six-part s

Opening a bank account in Greece

To buy a property in Greece you will need to open a Greek bank account. How easy is that, and what services do Greek banks offer? You might have heard it can be tricky, but it just takes a little patience, says Diana Giannoulis of Corfuhomefinders.com, our writer in Corfu. 

Can you move to Greece before Brexit?

As we move into crunch time for Brexit negotiations, it looks increasingly clear that British people will, like other non-Europeans, need a visa to live in EU nations permanently. Whether you believe that’s no problem or a big problem, one way around it is to establish residency in Greece before 29 March 2019 – Brexit day! So just how do you move to Greece before Brexit, now less than six months away?

Autumn property market in Greece: tourism brings strong growth

Greece’s property market is on the up, with a much healthier outlook than for a long time. For three quarters in a row, according to data from the Bank of Greece, prices have been rising. That’s the longest sustained rise since 2008. We’ve certainly seen these nationwide trends reflected here on the islands. In fact, right over the last three years, we’ve seen a huge return of interest in the property market in Greece. This is for a number of reasons, including economic stabilisation, greater letting flexibility and international transport links.

What should I know about renting out property in Greece?

Now that you have bought your home in the sun, the chances are that you might want to use it as a holiday let, either full time, or when you are not using it yourself. This is easy as long as you do everything correctly from the beginning, says Diana Giannoulis of Corfuhomefinders. But any shortcuts or omissions may result in problems in the future. Here’s what you need to know about renting out property in Greece.

New flights to Greece and better airports

More passengers, bigger airports and new routes – 2018 is turning into a busy year for air travel in Greece. It all reflects the country’s healthy tourist industry. It’s also a useful indicator of where to buy a home there. We take a closer look at recent developments, including new flights to Greece.

Where are the best places to buy property in Kefalonia and Ithaca?

Kefalonia and its small sister island Ithaca sit in the Ionian Sea, just off the coast of Aetolia in Western Greece. They’re known for their spectacular beaches – you’ve probably seen Myrtos in countless travel brochures. Expats looking to buy property in Kefalonia or over in Ithaca will find a laid-back lifestyle and fantastic weather. But, with so many pretty villages to choose from, where are the best places to purchase? Keep reading to find out in our area guide to Kefalonia and Ithaca.
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