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At Greece Property Guides, you can browse the latest Greek property news. We regularly round up the latest goings-on from the market, so you can get all your updates in once place.

Buying a house in Greece? Then you need to be up to speed with the latest Greece real estate news before your move. You will find coverage of all you need to know, such as forecasts, new regulations, and housing trends.

How much Greek do you need when living on mainland Greece?

If you’ve spent holidays on the islands, you may believe everyone speaks English. You might be wary of buying a property on the mainland because fewer people will speak English in the countryside. Actually, neither of these are 100% true! However, English is still a second language, and learning Greek will open so many doors (with the odd hilarious mistake along the way).

Greek house prices show strongest growth in 12 years

We’re full of good news from Greece this month, as the property market shows its biggest surge in 12 years, the government cuts property taxes and capital controls are lifted. And if that’s not enough to tempt you, temperatures here are set to stay in the 30s for much of this month and Greece officially has some of the best beaches in Europe.

Building a home in Greece, part 3: builders!

You’ve bought the land, had your home designed and been approved for planning permission. Now you just need to get it built! Diana from Corfu Home Finders explains how to go about the third and most important phase in creating your own special Greek home, finding Greek builders.

A fresh start for Greece?

It’s been a great month for us here in Greece so far, with the property market performing strongly, at last! The General Election result has the been hailed by some as a fresh start for the economy, too, especially with digital transformation and a new Prime MInister who knows the British well. And we had a reminder of just how old the olive-grove tradition is in Greece. Plus, the ancient neighbourhood under the Athenian Acropolis is now open to the public.

Foreign buyers rush into Greek property market

Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream may be about lovers in Athens, but in the midsummer of 2019 it’s property buyers who are feeling the love in Athens. As prices rise by nearly 6% in the capital and not much less in the islands, no wonder that international buyers are flooding in. Greek property prices are rising fast.

Home-hunting off the beaten track in the Cyclades

If you think of the Greek islands, you probably think of the Cyclades: white-washed villages with blue-domed churches, steep cliffs and sea views all around. Santorini, Mykonos and Naxos attract hordes of tourists every year, but it’s easy to find quiet spots if you know where to look. Join us as we head off the beaten track.

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