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How to Pay for a Greek Property (even if you think you can’t)

Many of us would love to buy a home in Greece but don’t have the cash to buy. Or rather, we think we don’t. The truth, however, is that for many potential buyers in Greece there are all sorts of ways to raise the money, some involving little sacrifice – simply using your assets better. Here are some of them.

Home-hunting off the beaten track in the Cyclades

If you think of the Greek islands, you probably think of the Cyclades: white-washed villages with blue-domed churches, steep cliffs and sea views all around. Santorini, Mykonos and Naxos attract hordes of tourists every year, but it’s easy to find quiet spots if you know where to look. Join us as we head off the beaten track.

Building a home in Greece: part 1, buying the land

When you want perfection, sometimes you just need to build the home of your dreams, rather than someone else’s. And for that, you need some land. Few countries offer so many gorgeous plots and views as Greece. So here is how you buy land to build a home in Greece, written by Diana from Corfu Home Finders.

Where do the Greeks buy holiday homes?

There’s nothing like local advice when you’re moving overseas, so this week we’re taking tips from the Greeks. Over 90% of domestic tourists stay in private accommodation – so where are the most popular spots for a holiday home? Find out as we explore some of the best areas in Greece that are often overlooked by international buyers.

Moving with your family to Greece

Moving to another country can be more than a little daunting. But moving with a young family has many more considerations – schools, healthcare and generally how your family is going to fit into a new environment. Diana from CorfuHomeFinders explains the practicalities of moving with your family to Greece, and offers some valuable tips on making the move with your family painless.

How to celebrate Easter in Greece

If you’re planning a trip to see property in Greece soon, bear in mind that Easter in Greece is a week later than in the UK in 2020. And that’s not where the differences end. See how to enjoy a Greek Easter.

Greek prices hit their stride

As Greece’s recovery from the financial calamity of the past decade continues, we look at what is happening to Greek property prices right now. It’s not just in homes that there are more than encouraging signs, in many sectors of the property market the recovery is not just continuing, but gathering pace.

The luxury property market in Greece

What’s happening in the luxury property market in Greece? It has long been a popular choice for luxury home buyers. And it’s easy to see why; few places quite match the beauty of these Mediterranean islands, or the art and history that appeals to those with a taste for the finer things in life. What’s more, a big budget goes much further here. So what will €500,000 buy you in Greece?

Paying bills and connecting utilities in Greece

So at last you own a dream home in Greece. Open a bottle, invite the neighbours round! Well, before all that you have to deal with the utilities in Greece and pay a few bills. If you imagined that Greece is blighted by bureaucracy, you would be right. But the good news is that there is always someone to help you.

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