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Autumn is a great season to visit Greece, whether you are on a house hunting trip or taking a holiday. An autumn trip can be very affordable and temperatures warmer than other European countries.

However, airlines do stop flights to some islands in winter and villages that rely solely on tourism might close cafes and restaurants, when visitor numbers get low. If you want a holiday home in a town that is open throughout the autumn, take a look at the population figures. If there is a year round resident population, you are more likely to find shops and restaurants open.

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Short trip from Athens

Locations with a short travel journey from Athens get some weekend visitors in the autumn. From Pireous port you can reach the island of Aegina by Aero high speed catamaran in just 40 minutes,  Hydra (1hr 45 mins), and Spetses (2 hrs 35mins). You can drive from Athens airport to Corinth in 1hrs 11mins and Nafplio in 1 hr 56mins.

October travellers

While the majority of tourists visit Greece in the summer, in recent years there has been an increase in people wanting to visit in spring and autumn. To meet the demand, airlines have begun also stretching their flight season. October, is becoming quite a popular month to visit Greece, as the weather is perfect for travelling and exploring the sights. Beaches and restaurants are so much quieter, and accommodation cheaper. Also, it’s an ideal time to view properties, as it won’t be too hot.

Greek Islands to visit in autumn

For a quiet romantic getaway the autumn sunsets on Santorini are not to be missed. Or if you like a bit of nightlife try Syros. Corfu is always popular with the British, and in autumn there are plenty of places to go sightseeing. You might get a drop of rain, but on average temperatures are about 20C (69°F) in October, with highs of 25°C (78°F) and lows of 16°C (61°F).

Weather in Greece in the autumn

The weather in Greece in autumn can be quite variable. There will generally be sunny days, but there could also be some rain. However, the rain does tend to pass by quite quickly and the ground soon dries up again. During the day, you can expect mostly warm weather. In the evenings, temperatures start to drop, and you might need a jacket.

On the plus side, the winds experienced around the islands during the summer tend to die down in the autumn. If you enjoy swimming in the sea, September is a great time to come, as the sea is still warm. If you mostly want to go sightseeing, hiking or house viewing, I’d recommend October.

Travelling in Greece in autumn

If you are planning a viewing trip to a Greek island this autumn, check Ferryhopper for updated ferry schedules. You can also reach most of the islands with a short flight from Athens airport, as well as some European airports.

5 Greek islands open in the Autumn


Rethymno old port. Crete, in autumn.

Rethymno old port. Crete, in autumn.

Crete is a great destination all year round, making it popular with those planning to relocate to Greece. The summer season starts in April and lasts until the end of October. Expats on Crete rave about the mild temperatures, diverse landscape, and superb food. Being a large island there is always plenty to see and do. You might even catch the harvesting of the grapes.

Autumn weather on Crete

In autumn, the sea temperatures are still warm enough for swimming, making it a good choice for an autumn break. While Heraklion is the capital and has all the facilities to serve its population of over 144,000, Chania (53,918 pop.) is less built up and much prettier.

Towns on Crete

Chania does become very busy with tourists during the peak months of July and August, but outside these months, it is pleasantly relaxed. Other towns on Crete with a population over 20,000 are Rethymno (34,300 pop.), Lerapetra (23,707 pop.), and Agios Nikolaos (20,679 pop.)

Getting to Crete in the autumn

There are direct flights from London to Heraklion (HER) in mid October with Jet2 (from Stansted), wizzair (Luton), easyJet (Gatwick). Flight times are around 4 hrs 5 mins. Return flights in mid October cost from £230.

There’s are also direct flights from London to Chania airport (CHQ) with easyJet (Gatwick), British Airways (Heathrow). Average flight time 4hr 5 mins. Return flights in mid October cost from £143. The fastest ferry from Pireous To Crete takes over 9 hours.

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Lindos Bay, Rhodes, sunset.

Lindos Bay, Rhodes, sunset.

Rhodes is another gorgeous island to visit in the autumn. You will still be treated to sunny days and beautiful beaches. September and October are great months for holidays, as the crowds are much less than in summer and accommodation is cheaper. The city of Rhodes has a population of just under 50,000, therefore it has everything locals and visitors might need in the autumn.

Rhodes Music Festival

In September there are many local festivals featuring traditional dancing. The Rhodes International Festival, which takes place from the 8th to the 12th of September, is one not to miss. This music festival mainly focuses on classical music, opera and film music. The event takes place in Rhodes old town, which has been classified by UNESCO as a Monument of World Cultural Heritage, therefore you can easily spend a couple of days just exploring the city.

Weather on Rhodes

In the autumn, there are plenty of blue skies with very little rain. The average temperature is 29°C in September and goes down to 21°C in November. For those who love sailing, check out The International Sea Tourism Festival which takes place from 29th September to 1st October.

Getting to Rhodes in the autumn

There are direct flights from London to Rhodes international airport “Diagoras”, with easyJet (Gatwick), Ryanair ( Stansted), British Airways (Gatwick). Average flight times are 4 hrs 13 mins. Currently you can find return flights in mid October from £200. Travelling by ferries from island to island takes much longer, but can be a fun addition to your trip and you’ll get to visit other islands.

4 bedroom villa on Rhodes €375,000

A villa in Rhodes.


Mykonos, Greece - October 10, 2021: A beautful Light during the sunset on the waterfront and the famous Windmills of Mykonos, which were built in the 16th Century.

The crowds quieten down in Mykonos, come October.

The cosmopolitan island of Mykonos is most well known as a summer party island. While there is still some nightlife in October it’s toned down a little, and it is the beaches that are the biggest draw. Mykonos boasts some of the best beaches in Greece, and in autumn you might find a stretch of sand all to yourself.

Weather on Mykonos

The average temperature in Mykonos Town in October for a typical day ranges from a high of 70°F (21°C) to a low of 67°F (19°C). There are plenty of events and activities to try in Mykonos Town during the autumn. Such as going on a sunset cruise, hiking tours, and cooking classes.

Population of Mykonos

The population in Mykonos varies greatly throughout the year. There are only around 15,000 permanent residents on the island, of which some 4,000 of are foreigners. However, in the summer months, the island accommodates over 50,000 people.

Getting to Mykonos in the autumn

There are direct flights from London to Mykonos International airport (JMK) with easyJet (Gatwick) and British airways (Heathrow). Flight times are around 3hr 50min. Return flights in mid October currently cost from £69. Ferries run to Mykonos from Piraeus and Rafina ports. The fastest takes 2hrs 25mins.

3 mins from port and 15 minutes from airport, Mykonos €550,000

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A view of Chora, Andros.

Andros is the northernmost island of the Cyclades archipelago and is located not far from the coasts of Attica to the west and Evia to the north. Andros is a popular choice for Greeks wanting a weekend break, as it’s a short trip from the port of Rafina. As Rafina is the second most important harbour of Athens, the island of Andros has become a favourite weekend destination for many Athenians.

The combination of blue and white houses, windmills and stunning scenery give the island its famous Cycladic beauty. The friendliness of the islands inhabitants also adds to its charm.

Hiking on Andros

If you enjoy getting out and about in the great outdoors, you will find autumn a great time to go to Andros, especially if you enjoy hiking. There are trails all over the island, connecting villages and places of cultural significance. The mountains are separated by stunning ravines, deep gorges and riverbeds. While in the valleys the local farmers grow olive trees, figs, oranges, lemons, and vineyards.

Andros combines the greenery of the uplands with fine sandy beaches, beautiful mountain villages and numerous water sources. Such as the ancient springs of Dionysus and small waterfalls. In fact, Andros is famous for its pure water, which is bottled under the trade name of Sariza.

Population of  Andros

Gavrio is Andros’ main port, where all the ferries from Rafina arrive. However, the islands capital is Andros town, which is the second most important harbour on the island.  In the 2011 census, Andros had 9221 residents, of which 3,901 lived in the municipality of Chora, 1,948 in the municipality of Korthio and 3,372 in the municipality of Ydrousa.

Getting to Andros in the autumn

The closest airport is Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, which receives both domestic and international flights all year round. Upon your arrival at the airport, you can get a bus to Rafina port and catch a ferry to Gavrio. The travel time between the airport and the port is around 30 minutes by bus.

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The tourist season in Kefalonia may be winding down at the end of October, but the first two weeks still provide enough sun and warmth to keep swimming, with water temperatures around 23C. With no crowds, October can be a good time to experience wine making followed by the olive picking.


The biggest town on the island is Argostoli with a population of approximatly 10,000. It is a  picturesque town built on hills surrounding the lagoon of Koutavos and the natural harbour. For the first week or so of October you will find that most of the businesses are open, but as the month progresses things start to wind down. However, as the tourist demand for out of season breaks appears to be increasing, some businesses may stay open until later in October.

If you long for peace and tranquillity away from noise, people and pollution, Kefalonia in the autumn would definitely be a winning destination. You could even time your visit to coincide with The Feast of St. Gerasimos on 20th October. St. Gerasimos is the island’s patron saint. Celebrations across the island include processions followed by music, dancing, drinking, and eating.

Weather on Kefalonia

Temperatures on Kefalonia during the Autumn months are typically in their twenties. Under those cloudless azure skies, you can thoroughly enjoy the sun-drenched sands of Myrtos Beach and the celebrations of the St. Gerasimos to the maximum.

Getting to Kefalonia in the Autumn

Direct flights from London to Argostoli Airport (EFL) “Anna Pollatou”, are run by easyJet from London Gatwick, and Ryanair from Stansted. Flight times average 3hrs 28mins. Return flights in mid October are currently advertised from £80. There are no direct ferries from Athens.

A six-apartment complex, renovated in 2021, €700,000

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