The exchange rate is an unstable factor over which you have no control. A change of just 1% in the pound/euro rate alters the price of a €150,000 acquisition by over £1,000. Between putting down a deposit on a home overseas and paying the balance, the exchange rate can change by 5, 10, even 20%, making the price in pounds perhaps tens of thousands more expensive. Could you afford that? Luckily, you can protect your costs.

As we said, you can’t control the live exchange rate. But you can lock in a specified rate for yourself – so you know exactly how much you’re paying. Don’t leave it to chance. Speak to Smart Currency Exchange as soon as possible in our property search or move abroad. Fill out the form below to be put in contact with Smart Currency Exchange and gain peace of mind when you are buying your Greek property.

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How can the Greece Buying Guide help you?

Quite simply, the Greece Buying Guide makes your purchase journey simple and safe. You don’t need to piece together different legal, financial and practical information from various (potentially untrustworthy) sources. Everything you need is together in one place. It’s written by experts, who are also trusted and quoted in media and brand publishing, such as the Radio Times and Rightmove Overseas.

Not only that, but we have built up a trusted network of specialists in the key areas – estate agents, currency specialists and solicitors. They’ve all had excellent feedback left by happy Property Guides readers, so we’re delighted to keep using and recommending them.

Of course, your Greece property specialists in the Resource Centre are just a phone call (020 7898 0549) or an email ([email protected]). Please do get in touch with us if you have any queries, questions or thoughts.

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