Highlight of the Costa Cálida, Spain’s “warm coast”, many international buyers look for holiday homes in Mazarrón. Long-term visitor Bethany Hemsley introduces this dazzling corner of Spain.

Spain is my second home. Around 15 years ago, my parents bought a holiday home on the Costa Cálida. In doing so, they also bought me a childhood full of happy holiday memories. Splashing in the pool with friends and family, rock-pooling, getting to know local families… A holiday home in Spain is an education as well as a pleasure (and an investment!).

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I have come to think of Mazarrón, our local town, as a hidden gem. Located in the province of Murcia, Mazarrón enjoys nearly 3,000 hours of sunshine each year. To put that in context, most of the UK gets around 1,500.

Its culture is also authentically Spanish. Although plenty of British and other northern Europeans own holiday homes in Mazarrón, with 35 kilometres of beaches there is plenty of space.

As someone who has grown up with a holiday home in Mazarrón I can personally vouch for the area. My parents took time to get to know the area and they haven’t looked back.

Marvellous Mazarrón

The area’s agricultural nature has given the province of Murcia the nickname the ‘allotment of Spain’. It was one of Spain’s last regions to develop a tourist business, and this carries advantages and disadvantages, depending on your preference. On the plus side, a little bit rustic and traditional, compared to an area like the southern Costa Blanca. On the minus side, a little quiet off season.

So, what will you be doing here?

During the summer, the Puerto de Mazarrón is a hive of activity. There are plenty of shops and market stalls along the Puerto, as well as larger markets in the town on Saturdays and Sundays selling authentic, fresh Spanish produce.

Hopefully you like fish! They’ve been fishing here for thousands of years. Check out the 2,500-year-old shipwrecked Phoenician boats at Puerto de Mazarrón, then enjoy mouth-watering seafood dishes, as well as traditional Spanish tapas, at restaurants along the quay.

If you’re an adrenaline-junkie, you won’t be disappointed with the area’s selection of activities. In Mazarrón itself, the Puerto de Mazarrón offers snorkeling, diving, boat and canoe rentals, windsurfing and even a sailing school. And, if you’re willing to drive outside of town, you can find an excellent go karting track.

The Sierra de Espuña national park and mountain range is definitely worth a visit. About an hour’s drive from Mazarrón, you can rent quad bikes, regular bikes or simply hike through the stunning mixture of forest and desert ravines. There is even a lake that you can swim in.

Mazarrón has plenty of beauty to marvel in too. If you hike to the El Sagrado Corazon de Jesus, you can get a spectacular view of the beach and marina (and after all that walking, why not have a cocktail at one of the marina’s bars!). There are also unique sand sculptures at Gredas de Bolnuevo, which are truly magnificent.


property in Mazarron

Sand sculptures at Gredas de Bolnuevo, near Mazarrón


Your holiday home in Mazarrón will be within 30 minutes drive of the historic city of Cartagena, which has a population similar to Brighton. For thrill-seekers, the waterparks (or the nudist beaches!) of Vera are less than an hour away to the south-west.

Even in the winter, there is plenty to do. The neighborhood of Camposol (which I’ll admit, is mainly full of Brits) has bowling and snooker. The cooler winters are also a great time to explore the area on a bike, which you can hire year-round.

Being able to reach your holiday home easily can be vital to your enjoyment, and accessibility is a key feature of a holiday home in Mazarrón. It’s just 40 minutes’ drive from the new Región de Murcia International Airport, which receives flights from most regional UK airports, or connections via the big cities if flying from further afield.


Holiday homes in Mazarron

Mazarron, Murcia, Spain (Sonia Bonet / Shutterstock.com)

Dreams to reality; a holiday home in Mazarrón

Buying property in Spain is a big decision and can seem daunting. However, so long as you use a specialist property lawyer, independent of the seller and agent, you can buy with confidence. Mazarrón has a number of English-speaking solicitors and professional advisers who can help you, or contact the team at Spain Property Guides and we can recommend an affordable property specialist.

Mazarrón offers people looking to buy in Spain an opportunity to think ‘outside the box’. Investment here is an affordable alternative to the well-known hotspots of the Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca, with all the sunshine but costing less of the sterling!

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A budget from €60,000 will get you a nice two-bedroom apartment on the Puerto de Mazarrón, just minutes from the beach.

One affordable way to buy property in Spain is on an urbanisation. At the Mazarrón Country Club, property prices start at under €100,000, and come in a range of designs suited to international tastes. The urbanisation is home to permanent residents and holidaymakers who all enjoy the communal pool, restaurant and tennis courts.

Mazarrón’s many urbanisations offer a ready-made social network of people who are likely to speak your language

For some, the thought of starting a new life abroad and making new friends could be worrying. Buying a property on one of Mazarrón’s many urbanisations offers a ready-made social network of people, who are more likely to speak your language and can support you with the transition. However, urbanisations tend to be located out of town, so require a car and may be too isolated for some.

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