Your essential guide to buy a holiday home in Spain

How to buy a holiday home in Spain? This guide will answer all your questions!

  • Step-by-step process for a safe holiday home purchase
  • How to let out your holiday home and the benefits
  • Plus, much more essential information

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  • Step-by-step process for a safe holiday home purchase
  • How to let out your holiday home and the benefits
  • Plus, much more essential information

This guide Includes:

  • Checklist to a perfect propertyA step-by-step list to help you through the buying process
  • Financial considerationsHow to fund your purchase with assets or borrowed funds
  • Recommended partnersInformation on estate agents, lawyers, equity release partners and others
  • Step-by-step legal processLegal process explained: reservation, deposit and the sales contract
  • Insurance and rentalDiscover holiday home insurance costs and what the policy covers
  • Manage your currency riskHow to plan and protect your property budget with currency options

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Everything you need to successful buy a holiday home

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3. Get your finances in place

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Common FAQs

How can our team help you buy a property in Spain?

We have built a trusted team of experts to help you along the way – experienced estate agents, bilingual lawyers, tax and financial advisors, and expats who have made the move themselves and can share their unique knowledge and experience with you to make sure you have access to information that is not readily available elsewhere. This team includes our expert expat, Sally Veall, who has lived in Spain, France and Italy, and has been through the process of buying overseas property herself, so is well placed to guide you through the various pitfalls and offer tips to make the most of your property purchase and life in Spain. Sally writes free newsletters and articles for our readers, covering all aspects of buying, moving and living in Spain.

What other resources are available?

In addition to our Resource Centre in London, we have a dedicated team based in the Spain Property Guide offices in Cala de Mijas, on the beautiful Costa del Sol, are here to help make your Spanish property purchase a success. Both experienced teams can help answer any questions and offer advice on the different aspects of buying property in Spain, here to support you before and after you travel to Spain, and are on hand to share their knowledge of your chosen region of Spain and connect you to the right professionals to meet your particular needs.

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“We used the excellent Property Guide chiefly to research exactly how to buy a property abroad and also to reassure ourselves that we were on the right track. We looked to the website and additionally to the advice that the Resource Centre gave to move ahead – the help of reliable local professionals was undoubtedly imperative to move things forward”

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