Buying property, whether it is in the UK, Spain, or any other country, is always a very big decision, and of course, a serious commitment. A decision of that magnitude requires the best team of experts and advisers who know and understand the local property marketplace and can help you to make your all-important overseas property purchase.


The ‘Golden Three’ – the team of experts you need when buying property in Spain

Spain Property Guides recommends three key experts to help you to safely view and buy your property in Spain: a trusted property agent, a currency specialist, and an independent solicitor. This team of experts is so important, we call them ‘The Golden Three’! It is critical to a successful overseas buying process that these three professional services are working for you at the earliest stage possible, to ensure that you have the right support and information available to you from the start. By using recommended professionals throughout the property buying process, you can avoid many of the common issues and pitfalls and that people often face when buying property overseas.

Trusted property agent

There are a lot property agents – especially in Spain! It can be somewhat overwhelming, and it is often difficult to know which one to choose. Online research into an agent in your area of choice can be useful and can give you a better idea of the different agents in the area where you are looking for a property. But nothing beats a personal recommendation, or being able to identify a tried and tested professional with a successful track record. A property agent who knows and specialises in the areas of Spain where you want to buy can match your requirements more effectively and will make your property search and the buying process in Spain far easier. Having a trusted contact in the region, who can answer any questions or address any concerns you may have, means you can make the most of your time on your viewing trips in Spain and rest assured you are in safe hands.

Currency specialists

It may be the last thing on your mind when caught up in the excitement of a move abroad, but transferring money through your high street bank can be a slow, expensive, process – not what you need when you are trying to move quickly to secure your dream property in Spain with a deposit! The last thing you want is to wait around for your bank to transfer funds for your deposit from sterling or any other currency into euros.

There is a safe, secure way to get this done – by using currency specialists, such as our preferred partners, Smart Currency Exchange. Signing up early with a currency specialist like the team at Smart Currency (who are property experts as well as currency experts) before you travel to Spain for a viewing trip gives you access to their knowledge through a dedicated currency trader, who will understand your buying needs and timescales and work with you to save money throughout the property buying process.

Independent solicitor

Once your Spanish property purchase is in motion, you do not want to be held back by delays, communication issues, or any confusion over the property completion. An independent, impartial, English-speaking solicitor with expert knowledge of Spain and the specific area in which you are buying your property is key to a smooth property purchase.


The team at the Spain Buying Guide has spent time getting to know trusted professionals in Spain who can help you save time, money, and provide you with peace of mind. We can recommend these ‘Golden Three’ experts to guide you through every stage of your Spain buying journey.

If you would like to be put in touch with a recommended professional to help you on your way, simply fill in your details here.

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After research and help from the Spain Property Guide, we understood the step-by-step way to buy a property in Spain and knew how to approach our property viewing trip, treating it as a business trip and not a holiday. We saw about ten places, but knew as soon as we saw our dream property that it was the one. We put down a fee to reserve it there and then and got organised ready for buying, finding a local, independent lawyer, opening a bank account in Spain and getting our NIE number before we flew home

Barry Kimber

Spain Buying Guide reader who bought a property in Lanzarote

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