Booking a viewing trip to Spain will allow you to explore your chosen corner of the country and get a true feeling about the area – and indeed the properties available.

When you have decided where to buy in Spain, it’s a good idea to spend some time in your chosen neighbourhood without feeling any pressure to buy somewhere. Take some time to explore the area, speak to the locals, visit the shops and check out attractions. Give yourself enough time to absorb everything, and make sure you leave time for anything that crops up; don’t feel like you have to rush, because you can always go back!

For more information about viewing trips, download our free Viewing Trip guide.

How long should my viewing trip last?

The property buying process requires careful consideration. Give yourself time to really absorb everything you see, and make sure you have additional time for anything else that may arise. Don’t feel as though you have to rush and fit everything in – if need be you can always take another trip at a later date. Ideally you want to spend about 4-7 days in Spain.

It’s really important to make sure you look at public holidays before you book; the last thing you want to do is get to Spain and find that nothing is open!

Give yourself time to really absorb everything you see, and make sure you have additional time for anything else that may arise.

When should I go on my viewing trip?

We would advise that you book at least one viewing trip during the off season – go over to Spain in winter to see what’s it like when it’s cold and/or dark. This will also be a slower time for estate agents and vendors as well, meaning you should get more attention and may be able to negotiate a lower price. It’s also easier to view properties, as they can all be let out during peak season.

Where should I stay on my trip?

Rather than booking into a hotel on your trip, why not rent a property in the area and get an idea of what the prospective town is actually like? Having to go out and get groceries will allow you to navigate the area, and give you an idea of the accessibility of shops and amenities as well as the cost of every item. You can also get an idea of the noise levels – if there is a nightclub next door that opens at 11pm, or if there is a flight path overhead.


Find an estate agent who can meet all of your requirements and show you the most suitable properties for you.

How can I make the best use of my time on the trip?

Your estate agent is the most important part of this trip, and it’s a good idea to find one suitable for you before you go – that means that you can ensure they know your property requirements inside and out and can find properties for you to view appropriately. They should take you around the properties, and use this time to answer any queries and concerns and any other areas you are not quite sure about.

Take copious photos at every property – and don’t forget to capture the view for each one! If you are seeing several properties a day for a few days it can be really difficult to remember all the details about each one. We have put together a downloadable property analysis worksheet. Call a member of the resource team on 020 7898 0549 to receive your copy. Rate every aspect of the property and its location, from its general appearance, to its location and access to local amenities. This will allow you to have a full comparison of each property.

Make your viewing trip work for you

The main thing to remember about your viewing trip is that there are no rules! Sometimes it can be a good idea to take a couple of trips – with the first one being merely a leisure trip to explore the area without actually contacting any agents and arranging viewings. You could then take a second trip once you have decided on areas, and spend this one viewing properties with your selected agent.

For more information about viewing trips, download our free Viewing Trip guide.

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The Viewing Trip Guide is designed to support you through the process of a successful property viewing trip, with tips and information on the most important steps to take. The guide will help you to:

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  Get the right legal advice before and after your trip
  Choose the right estate agent to meet your needs
  Understand the important financial considerations

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