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Algarve global #1 for living and investment

It’s been a busy week here for Portugal, as the Algarve is #1 for living and investment and I’m just back from a bustling Your Overseas Home show in Birmingham. Also this week, they say an Englishman’s home is his castle, and we think that still holds in the Algarve, as the 15th-century Milfontes Castle comes up for sale on our portal.

Luxury living in Loulé: all you need to know

Is Loulé the perfect Portuguese town for overseas property buyers? With an attractive medieval old town, a busy weekly market, affordable property price and, surprisingly, fewer crowds than much of the Algarve. Cool off in the summer heat at the many nearby beaches. Tempted? Come with us as we explore the best places to buy property.

Portuguese house prices on the up and Ryanair launches new routes

As Carnival kicks off here in the Algarve, with parades, parties and a day off for many employees, we’ve got plenty of good news for you. Ryanair is opening 15 new routes to Lisbon, Porto and Faro, property prices are on the up and we’re bringing a bit of Portugal to London at Your Overseas Home on Saturday.

Meet the new neighbours. They’re a bit wild!

Buying a home in Portugal is about more than a sparkling pool and playing golf in the sun. You’ll be part of a community and a whole new ecosystem, including the flora and fauna. If you enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, you’ll be very impressed with the variety of wildlife in Portugal. So what might you meet on a country walk?

Could you spend every winter in Portugal?

How would you enjoy spending every winter in Portugal, while renting out your holiday home in the summer months for a hefty profit? If that sounds like the best of both worlds – with no Brexit worries either as you’ll be under the visa time limit – here is how to do it. And a few tips on where to start looking in the Algarve.

Should you invest in Lisbon or Porto?

Portugal’s two biggest cities are among the most exciting expat hubs in Europe right now. As Lisbon and Porto attract a global high-tech elite to start-ups in innovative work-live apartments, we spoke to Filippo Simonato, Residential Business Development Manager for JLL, based in Lisbon.

News update: expats can stay in Portugal after Brexit

Portugal is working behind the scenes on its Brexit policies, and, in addition to new measures at Faro and Funchal airports, has now released guidance on how expats can stay post-Brexit. Plus, tourism income is up in the Algarve, Forbes names Lisbon as a property market to watch, and the Volta ao Algarve cycling race is set to begin.

What is it like moving to Portugal as a single person?

Many people set off to Portugal to start a new life with their family – but what if you’re off on a solo adventure? This week, I’m looking at moving to Portugal as a single person: where can you meet people and how can you make friends, what’s the dating scene like for expats and, of course, what about buying a home?

News update: Plans unveiled for no-deal Brexit in Portugal

Things might be quite quiet down here in the Algarve, but the defeat of Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement hasn’t escaped notice. The Foreign Ministry has announced generous plans for Brexit in Portugal to preserve expat rights and encourage tourism as an ‘old British ally’. Plus, as we tally up from 2018, last year looks good for us, with a record year for exports and investment.

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