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Five special places for retirement in the Algarve

Planning to spend your retirement in the Algarve? You won’t be alone. It’s rapidly becoming one of the world’s favourite retirement hotspots. And not just for British people. Americans, Scandinavians, the French… Portugal has brought in tax incentives, environmental controls, hospitals and airport improvements that make it all a lovely places for a healthy and energetic retirement wherever you’re from. This article looks at five ideal destinations for an active retirement in the Algarve. 

Affordable Algarve homes under £150,000

If you crave a new life in the sun, or even just a bolt-hole away from Britain’s gloom, it needn’t cost the earth. While property prices are rising in most European sunshine destinations, affordable options still exist – especially in Portugal. While the country’s popular Algarve region has plenty of glitz, glamour and multi-million euro villas, there’s plenty of affordable Algarve homes to choose from too.

A new life and a new business in Portugal?

Are you keen to move to Portugal and wondering what you could do for a living? How about the prospect of a genuine lifestyle business? One that could enable you to do the things you love and help pay for your property? If this appeals, it’s well worth doing some research around rural tourism in Portugal. Here’s what you need to know.

News update: Portuguese Brexit law passes

The sun’s shining here in Portugal, with temperatures of 25ºC all week, and we’ve got good news as Parliament passes a law on rights after Brexit. Brexit’s not the only thing on the agenda, as we’re named the top destination for many European buyers, and new developments open on the Algarve (and a swish 5-star hotel’s selling our portal).

Algarve hotspots where you won’t need a car

Who needs the hassle of hiring a car every time they go to their holiday home? Especially with the new need for a Portuguese driving licence. These towns are worth a look, as they all allow you to use the Algarve public transport system from Faro Airport

Algarve global #1 for living and investment

It’s been a busy week here for Portugal, as the Algarve is #1 for living and investment and I’m just back from a bustling Your Overseas Home show in Birmingham. Also this week, they say an Englishman’s home is his castle, and we think that still holds in the Algarve, as the 15th-century Milfontes Castle comes up for sale on our portal.

Living in Cascais: Ten things you need to know

If you like the idea of life by the sea in a stunning and practical location, consider joining the large international community living in Cascais. It’s one of Portugal’s best-known and most desirable areas. It combines the convenience of living near a large city with the comfort and pace of a smaller town. The thriving city of Lisbon is just 40 minutes away by road and rail. The sparkling ocean is always close, with a choice of vibrant town beaches and wild, sweeping surf spots. Join us to discover Cascais.

Luxury living in Loulé: all you need to know

Is Loulé the perfect Portuguese town for overseas property buyers? With an attractive medieval old town, a busy weekly market, affordable property price and, surprisingly, fewer crowds than much of the Algarve. Cool off in the summer heat at the many nearby beaches. Tempted? Come with us as we explore the best places to buy property.

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