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Portugal Brexit Update: Nothing Happening Fast!

Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. Anyone seeking the latest news on looming Brexit and its effect on expat life in Portugal will find slim pickings right now; Much remains up in the air, leaving a distinct feeling that a “pause button” has been pressed on the process. If one were to have to choose one phrase to describe the progress of Brexit for expats in Portugal (and indeed elsewhere,) “anti-climatic” would perhaps prove the most appropriate.

Portugal Seems Set for a Record Breaking Tourist Season

Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. If you’ve been in Portugal in recent months and thought everything seemed busier than normal, it wasn’t your imagination. Reports state with increasing confidence that the country’s enjoying its busiest tourism year ever.   Portugal’s 2016 tourist season is proving as strong as even the most optimistic pundits predicted. The Algarve, in particular, is set to break records this year. The region is “practically fully booked” at the time of writing, according to a report in The Portugal News,

More Good News for Portugal’s Healthy Property Market

Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. Once again, figures from Portugal’s property market paint a positive picture for home owners and investors alike.   It seems like an awfully long time since there was any bad news about Portugal’s property market. This feeling is confirmed by figures from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) that show that house prices in the country have now been rising for 19 consecutive months.

Portugal Weather: Record Breaking Heat

Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. Portugal has just had its second hottest July on record. While tourists enjoy the sun, sea and sand, firefighters are hard at work contending with forest fires brought on by the heat.  

What Brexit Means for Expats in Portugal: The Latest

Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. With headline news regarding “Brexit” slowing down a little, one would be forgiven for describing the current state of affairs as something of an anti-climax. However, there’s still a new reality on the way for expats in Portugal, which we explore in this article. Truly fleshed out details of the realities of “Brexit” in the aftermath of the UK’s “out” vote remain rather thin on the ground. News headlines in the past couple of weeks have been dominated by the “short and sharp” Tory leadership contest, followed by the appointment of Theresa May as

The Five Best Restaurants in Cabanas-de-Tavira

Cabanas-de-Tavira, in Portugal’s East Algarve, is an increasingly popular destination for expats and tourists alike. In this article, an expat who spent five years in the area suggests five of his favourite places to eat. Cabanas-de-Tavira may be a small fishing village, but this East Algarve destination transforms into a paradise for tourists over the summer months.

CNN Singles Out Portugal as a Foodie Destination

Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. There’s much to love about the food in Portugal, as you surely already know if you’re an expat or regular visitor. Now, a new feature from CNN could see more people travel to the country to check out its “foodie” credentials. Food in Portugal generally has a strong reputation, especially among those who enjoy simple cuisine, made with sparkling fresh ingredients.

The Algarve’s “Bumper Holiday Season” Comes to Fruition

Find homes in Algarve via our property portal. A strong holiday season was widely predicted for Portugal’s Algarve this year, and the predictions were correct, with the destination already set to smash records as the peak of the season gets underway. A particularly busy Algarve holiday season was predicted by many this year. One of the key reasons for this is a dramatic drop in interest for destinations including Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt, where the risk of terrorist activity is currently high.

How to Live Life on a Budget in Portugal

Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. Portugal’s low cost of living is one of the main attractions for expats, but if you really want to live life on a budget, there are various things you can do to make your existence even cheaper. It’s possible to enjoy a very pleasant existence in Portugal without spending a huge amount of money, but there are still some ways to drain your cash reserves if you’re not careful. In this article, we provide five useful tips to help you either economise, or avoid spending money you don’t have to.

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