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Five Tips for the Perfect Barbecue in Portugal

Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. Portugal offers the holy trinity of sea, sun and sand, making barbecue food a logical and mouthwatering choice! A barbecue in Portugal is a true pleasure, and with sun for over 300 times per year, it needn’t be a rare thing.   I’m in the UK as I write this, and over the past couple of weeks I’ve had a few barbecues, all interrupted by varying degrees of rain!

The Alameda Portugal Beer Festival Arrives in July for the Second Time

Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. A new Portugal beer festival, which attracted tens of thousands of people last year, will be repeated in Faro for the second time in July.   If you think about beer in Portugal, chance are that the brands that spring to mind are Super Bock and Sagres. The latter is reasonably ubiquitous and well known across the UK, as well as in Portugal.

Lisbon to Porto: TAP Introduces a Route to Compete with the Train

It’s long been a dilemma whether it’s easier to fly between Faro and Lisbon or Porto, or take the train. Now the same dilemma exists between Lisbon and Porto, due to a new service from TAP, Portugal’s national airline. Travellers from Lisbon to Porto (and vice versa) have extra travel options since TAP, the national airline of Portugal, launched hourly flights between the two cities during peak periods.

Detailed Plans Emerge for the Algarve’s Newest Shopping Mall

The past week has delivered a flood of information about the next shopping centre to open in the Algarve – now officially named as Mar Shopping Algarve. Find homes in Algarve via our property portal. Mar Shopping Algarve is to be the name of the huge new shopping centre in Loulé, launching next year. The new mall will be the home to the region’s long-awaited IKEA store, and will apparently be several times larger than the (already huge) Algarve Forum mall in Faro.

Tourism in Portugal: 2015 roundup

Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. 2015 was a good year for Portugal’s tourism industry and property markets According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, tourism accounts for around 15% of Portugal’s total GDP – and this figure is expected to rise by 2% per year. As such, Portugal’s tourism figures are a very important indicator of how well the country is doing.

Weather in Portugal: What’s the Winter Really Like?

If you’re thinking about embarking on life as an expat in Portugal, the weather is likely to be a contributing factor. Here are a former expat’s top tips to get to grips with the climate all year round. After spending five winters in Portugal’s Algarve, I’m spending this one in the UK. It’s therefore impossible not to nostalgically look back on what I’m missing, especially when I walk, yet again, into my freezing garden, to move all the plants and furniture back to their rightful place after they’ve all blown up one corner of the patio.

Portugal Reassures Expats in the Wake of Brexit Vote

Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. Brits in Portugal worried about the ‘Brexit’ vote for the UK to leave the EU now have some reassurance of their status – direct from the Portuguese Prime Minister.   After a long and tense wait, we now all know that the citizens of Britain have voted to leave the EU by a narrow margin.

Austerity in Portugal: Changes are Coming

Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. Portugal’s new left wing coalition already announced earlier this year various policies to ease austerity in the country. We take a look at what’s changing, and whether the moves are sustainable. Austerity in Portugal has hit citizens hard over recent years. Residents of some other European countries may feel they’ve suffered from cuts and tax increases since the 2008 financial crisis, but Portugal has paid a higher price than most.

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