Portugal property news

Browse the latest Portugal property news here at Portugal Property Guides. You can stay up to date with the latest developments as you plan on buying a property in Portugal. We cover a range of news topics, from house price trends to new laws and regulations, so you don’t need to look anywhere else for the most up to date news on the property market in Portugal.


How to rent a home in Portugal

Rental property in Portugal is currently in high demand, and not always easy to find on a long-term basis. This article contains five essential tips to help you negotiate the pitfalls of renting in Portugal.

What happens when winter hits Portugal

It comes as a surprise to some but there IS a winter in Portugal! Here are five ways to keep warm in the country. Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. Portugal is a hot country, although in summer it is kept lovely by those Atlantic breezes. But remember two things: firstly, there’s more to Portugal than the Algarve, and central and northern regions don’t have the same climate. Secondly, while winter may be short in the south, the nights get cold – and properties are often built to keep the heat out in summer – not to keep it in in the winter.

Food in Portugal: Five winter warmers

Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. When you think about food in Portugal it’s quite possibly fresh sardines and prawns sizzling over charcoal that first spring to mind – but Portugal has some fantastic cold-weather winter dishes to too.  

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