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Five ways to access British TV in Portugal

A dark cloud spread over British expats in Portugal back on 5th February 2014 – and it was nothing to do with the weather. British TV was switched off! Fortunately there are ways around the problem A satellite switchover resulted in the loss of most English TV channels for expats who had long been able to watch British TV using dishes pointed at UK satellites. Ever since, expats have been scrambling around for alternative ways to make sure they don’t miss “Bake Off” or “The Apprentice,” often with much frustration involved in finding something that works – and, just as importantly, keeps worki

Making your Portugal home feel like home

Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. If you’re considering an expat life in Portugal, is keeping a property at “home” the best of both worlds or should you throw everything into a full-time life abroad? Our writer from Portugal explains  

Property owners set to take tax hit

Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. Like many left-wing governments, Portugal is finding that being anti-austerity is popular at the ballot box but trickier to get past Brussels. Are property owners going to be targeted?  

Rain can make a welcome break in Portugal

Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. With 300-plus days of sunshine each year, rain tends to take southern Portugal by surprise. You won’t find country pubs with log fires like in the UK, so what do you do when the rain comes down in Portugal?  

Five Wonderful Things About Living in Portugal

Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. While no country is a utopia, living in Portugal comes quite close! Our writer in Portugal would like to offer five great reasons to join him When I first moved to Portugal, I had a clear idea in my mind of what things would be like. As with so many events in life, nothing turns out exactly as predicted, but the fact remains that there are many factors that make a life in Portugal a very pleasurable one. Here are five things that really stand out in my mind:

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