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Browse the latest Portugal property news here at Portugal Property Guides. You can stay up to date with the latest developments as you plan on buying a property in Portugal. We cover a range of news topics, from house price trends to new laws and regulations, so you don’t need to look anywhere else for the most up to date news on the property market in Portugal.


Food in Portugal: Five winter warmers

Find homes in Portugal via our property portal. When you think about food in Portugal it’s quite possibly fresh sardines and prawns sizzling over charcoal that first spring to mind – but Portugal has some fantastic cold-weather winter dishes to too.  

Sensational suburbs of Lisbon (by the beach)

Find homes in Lisbon via our property portal. Are you planning a move to Portugal with Lisbon in your sights? Here are three perfect suburban choices for full-time living. Lisbon is a thriving capital city, with an increasingly first-rate reputation for tourism and a growing tech scene. If you’re thinking of making a move to Portugal and would like to be able to commute into the city easily, here are three destinations for your shortlist. All have a distinct character but share one thing – easy routes into the city by road and public transport.

Portugal world’s “coolest country”, says Spanish newspaper!

Portugal moves into 2017 with positive news coming from all directions. Tourist authorities are determined to meet the challenge with even better facilities and infrastructure, while property prices seem sure to rise To read the British press, 2017 looks like a worrying prospect. Take a tip from us then, and read the Portuguese press instead! The year ahead is a tantalising prospect with much to be positive about.

Rural ruins: a profitable project for the strong at heart!

You can find properties with land for less than it would cost to buy a small garage in Britain. The only problem is, it might need renovating. Many people undertake renovation projects with great success, but jump in without thinking things through and the experience can be painful! Here are a few tips to help you work though the realities of renovating a ruin and make an informed decision about your potential future home.

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