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Reading the latest US property market news is essential when you’re buying a house in America. Here, you’ll find coverage of many topics, including forecasts, new regulations, and the reports on new trends.

Featured Articles

Suburban highlights of the USA

You’ve seen Sex & the City; you know about America’s rugged wilderness – but if you move to work in the USA you’ll probably be living in a suburb. Here are four neighbourhoods on the edge of famous cities that might just offer the best of both worlds.

American prices turbo-boosted by homes shortage

If you’re biding your time, waiting for an opportune moment to make a property purchase in the USA, you will want to stay on top of how the market’s performing and where your money will go the furthest. Today we analyse the US homes market’s lively start to 2017.

America takes Pride in its LBGT lifestyles

The USA is one of the most advanced countries in the world in its welcome to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights. It gave us Pride, Harvey Milk, the Rainbow Flag and Brokeback Mountain. But not every part of this proud country is quite so switched on to alternative lifestyles.

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