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EU Referendum Straw Poll: In or Out of Europe?

The possibility of a Brexit following the upcoming referendum is of major concern and interest to British people living in Spain, whether they are retired or not. A quick poll around a lunch table by our expat on the ground produced an interesting result.   Whenever you meet British people here, the subject for discussion these days is the EU Referendum and the possibility of a Brexit, just as it is in the United Kingdom. The other day, I was with a group of 20 expats for a tour of Gala’s Castle at Pubòl in Catalonia (Gala was Salvador Dalí’s Russian wife). Our guide, Nik Duserm, kept us

Hidden Costs of Making a Phone Call

What’s the difference between an 807 prefix and 903? Confused? We explain the differences between commonly used numbers in Spain   Telephone number prefixes in Spain can be confusing when it comes to the cost of using them, in particular those numbers which begin with 800 or 900. Some will be free, but others charge premium rates and you could end up with a hefty telephone bill at the end of the month. You might assume that the cost for an 800 number is the same as for 803 but this is not the case. Here is a guide for the most common numbers:

Football meets Opera

Main Spanish club rivals F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid have both won coveted titles this year. How did the clubs and their fans celebrate? Football in Spain is not just a sport, it is a way of life. The Spanish like to go out to their local bar, where there will no doubt be an oversized TV screen in one corner, to watch a match. If they decide to watch at home, friends and family get together with beer and pizza, and settle down for a few hours to enjoy the game. If one of the teams scores, you’ll hear fireworks going off for each goal. No need then, to actually watch the game – well ce
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