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90 days for holiday stays in Italy

A select group of non-EU countries are able to holiday in the Schengen zone for up 90 days in a period of 180 days, without a tourist visa. After Brexit, the UK was also added to the list, joining countries such as Australia, Canada and the United States of America.

Your healthy lifestyle on the banks of Italy’s Lakes

Italy’s northern lakes offer more than just outstanding views and easy accessibility from the UK or USA. The range of healthy and adventurous outdoor activities seems endless, while homes are probably more affordable than you imagine. It all adds up to a healthy lifestyle in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

A holiday home in Puglia, Italy

When you own a holiday home in Puglia, you can escape to your own feel-good space surrounded by trees, sea and sunshine. Where else can you find countryside villas, townhouses and apartments, a short distance from the sea, at such great prices?

7 Seaside villages in Tuscany

The coast of Tuscany offers hill top views, glistening blue waters, and sandy beaches to explore. You will find glamorous towns and quaint seaside villages, as well as natural and rugged scenery.

Travelling to Italy 2021 – Covid Update

Travelling to Italy, do I need a Covid test before or after the journey? will I be required to self-isolate? Will I be allowed to enter Italy at all? This depends where you are travelling from and the current Covid-19 restrictions. Where are you travelling from? Italy have placed each country in a lettered category relating to their Covid risk. Each letter has different rules regarding entry, testing, self-isolation etc.  “A” is considered the least risk and has no limitations. Australia and New Zealand are in D. But, the USA and UK are currently in “E” and have the highest restrictions.

A place with the view of the Italian mountains

When your home has a view of snow-capped mountains, it adds a touch of magic to the winter season. Throughout the year mountain areas provide a great place to get out into the fresh air and be surrounded by nature and stunning scenery.

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