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You can browse the latest Italy property news at Italy Property Guides. Here, you’ll find updates on all things to do with the Italian property market, essential if you plan on buying a property in Italy. We cover many topics, including market forecasts, new laws and regulations, and property trends.

Featured Articles

The “albergo diffuso” reviving Italian villages

An albergo diffuso, literally “widespread hotel” is an idea whose time has come. It’s a type of hotel woven through the very heart of an Italian village, creating jobs and a future for the local community. It offers opportunities for international investors too, or even joining together with friends. So what’s it all about?  

Italian home prices surge again

Italian property prices are rising fast once again. Although still only where they were in mid-2013 and some way off the 2011 peak, homeowners are seeing a good return on the price they paid. But what sort of homes are seeing the fastest price rises and where are the bargains? Here is the latest property market update for Italy.

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