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Discover 6 pretty villages on Lake Como’s shores

On Lake Como’s Western shore, there is a string of pretty villages with lake-view properties for sale. Lake Como is conveniently located north of Milan in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy. Both tourists and those working in the city of Milan find it so easy to get to, that they visit time after time. Some even buy second homes here. Its close proximity to the Alps also makes it a great location to enjoy all kinds of sports and activities in a breathtaking landscape.

Discover four charming towns in Piedmont, Italy

Piedmont is the second-largest Italian region and borders France and Switzerland. You’ll find it at the foot of the Alps, surrounded by mountains, but what it’s most renowned for is its sophisticated wines from traditional Italian vineyards that date back hundreds of years.

Wake up to breathtaking views in Italian homes with balconies

Balconies in Italy can be all about enjoying the view or an eye-catching decorative feature. When you consider a balcony as a “must-have” feature, Italy is certainly the place to look. Whether the balcony looks out on rolling hills, turquoise seas, lakes and mountains or terracotta rooftops, there will be a view to charm every Italy lover.

An expat’s guide to food shopping in Italy

Food and culture are intertwined in Italy, and food shopping can be as enjoyable as a trip to the beach. Prices on many items have risen, especially on things that are transported from other places. However, if you shop around and buy local produce you are assured the best quality, flavours and freshness.

How to make your viewing trip to Italy more sustainable

Making sustainable choices on your viewing trip, will help preserve all that is beautiful about Italy for the future. By considering sustainability during your visits to Italy you will make a positive impact on the local economy, create jobs, preserve the cultural heritage and help prevent damage to the natural environment.

Italian road trip to find a stone farmhouse

A stone farmhouse surrounded by beautiful Italian countryside is the dream of many house buyers coming to Italy. House hunting is a great excuse to go on an Italian road trip around the rolling hills, mountains and valleys of this beautiful country.

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