No matter what stage you are at in your Italian property buying journey, Smart Currency Exchange’s free report, “Three Essential Steps to Buying Property Abroad” will provide valuable insights into how to proceed.


We have already mentioned what we view as the three essential resources needed to find and buy your dream property. This report backs up our theory, and goes into more detail about how to prepare for a viewing trip.

These following resources are so vital in the eyes of Smart Currency Exchange and the Italy Property Guide that we refer to them as the ‘Golden Three’. They are as follows:

  • A good, trustworthy agent
  • An independent solicitor
  • A currency exchange specialist
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Three essential steps to buying property abroad


What makes these ‘Golden Three’ so important?

The right agent will listen to and understand your needs, and then only show you properties that fit these requirements, and your budget. A good agent wont waste your time or keep you waiting, plus they should possess an excellent knowledge of every stage of the process, and the surrounding areas.

An independent, bilingual solicitor will be able to guide you through each stage of the process whilst protecting your best interests. Trying to navigate the complexities of a new country, and their alien property laws will be virtually impossible without a solicitor that understands and can communicate with you.

A currency expert will work to save you money on every transfer of funds that you send to Italy, or back to the UK. They will secure you the best rates, minimise the risks of currency rate fluctuations, maximise your savings and help you to avoid losses.

Download your free copy of the Smart Currency Exchange ‘Three Essential Steps to Buying Property Abroad’ guide to find out more and get your plans in place.

Whether you are still in the early stages, or are ready to make an offer, this free guide from Smart Currency Exchange shares the three essential steps for buying property in Spain safely and successfully.

  Discover the three essential steps to buying property abroad

  Maximise your international viewing trips

  Find out how you could save thousands on your overseas property purchase

Download your free guide to buying property overseas

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