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You can browse the latest Italy property news at Italy Property Guides. Here, you’ll find updates on all things to do with the Italian property market, essential if you plan on buying a property in Italy. We cover many topics, including market forecasts, new laws and regulations, and property trends.

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First 10 things to do when moving to Italy

Thousands of British people have made the move to Italy in the past few weeks – and many more are still in the process – as they beat the Brexit transition door closing. So, what do you need to do as soon as you step off the plane?

Improve your Italian home and get a tax rebate

The Italian government wants you to improve your home. Or at least, it wants property owners to spend money on home improvements such as thermal insulation and solar power that gives work to Italian workers, as it coaxes the economy out of the post-Covid slump.

Phase Two – Italy reopens

Masks at the ready! Italy is now in Phase 2 of the Covid-19 pandemic, and has begun reopening. What does this mean for property buyers, and when can you continue your search for that dream home in Italy?

Why Italian culture will get us through coronavirus

Coronavirus has halted many people’s plans, but our dreams of a better future will get us through it. Most Italians put the land, family, community and healthy living above work and money. It is this culture that will help us through these times and which means you should hold onto your dream of living here.

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