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The Ireland Cost of Living Index

Is Ireland more or less expensive than the UK? In the Ireland Property Guides Cost of Living Index we check a list of over 60 everyday prices in Ireland, the UK and 10 other countries to get an accurate reading. It covers prices for groceries, leisure and household expenses, and each year we update it to cover new products and ways of shopping, as well as the usual household staples. 

Irish inheritance laws

When you’re in the middle of the excitement of building a new life in Ireland, you can hardly be blamed for putting inheritance matters to the back of your mind. But with a bit of planning for the future, you can ensure the best interests of those you love the most are protected – and then you can crack on with your new start in Ireland!

Ireland Brexit update

The British government has outlined its initial Brexit proposals on cross-border issues with Ireland. Where does this leave your new life or property purchase in Ireland?

Irish property boom sustainable, say experts

The economic crash in 2008 hit Ireland hard. Based on an unsustainable property boom, it left Ireland needing a bailout. So it’s hardly surprising that global analysts take a close interest in Ireland’s booming property market today. This week, we look at an OECD report and a mortgage report to try and make some predictions.

Paternity rights in Ireland

Father’s Day is happening in Ireland this Sunday just as it does in the UK. Fatherhood, like much else in Ireland, has changed in recent years. They even get paid paternity leave these days.

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