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Read the latest Ireland property news here at Ireland Property Guides. You will find updates on everything to do with the market, so you’ll never miss a beat. You’ll find coverage of many topics here, including the latest Irish property tax news, as well as reports on new regulations and trends — everything you need to know before buying property in Ireland.

Dublin or Donegal? Which county will you choose?

One of the main joys of Ireland is just how different each county is. From vibrant and colourful cities to jaw-dropping rugged landscapes, there is something for everyone in the Emerald Isle. Today we compare two counties, Dublin and Donegal, delving into what each has to offer, the best places to buy a home and how much it would cost you.

Your 10-step guide to retiring in Ireland

Retirement in Ireland offers affordable homes, cultured cities, welcoming people and gorgeous landscapes. What more could you ask for? Plus, it’s within the Common Travel Area so no major Brexit worries! Follow our ten steps to your Irish retirement.

When can we buy property in Ireland again?

Ireland is being extremely cautious in moving out of its lockdown and that is showing in its very low infection rates. But with ‘phase 4’ in sight, what effect has it had on Irish property prices and when will we be able to travel there? 

Ireland to move to Phase 2 of reopening plan

Ireland has had a total of 25,111 cases of coronavirus, and has successfully flattened the curve. Today, we’re providing an update on how Ireland is coping and providing more detail on what a move to Phase 2, currently scheduled for June 8th, means for the nation.

Ireland eyes easing lockdown from mid-May

Figures show that Ireland seems to have flattened the curve and the government is planning to ease lockdown measures from mid-May. In the meantime, you can still start preparing for your move. See how Covid-19 is affecting prices, the plan for lifting restrictions and why you don’t want to be last in the queue when they are.

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