Are you looking for a real bargain property in a beautiful part of France? Then the Limousin could be just the place for you. Situated pretty much in the middle of France, it has so much to offer from unspoiled countryside to ancient villages to low mountains and best of all, extremely reasonable property prices.

Bordering the more expensive Dordogne region and sometimes known as “the land where time stood still”, the area has a real sense of community and remains relatively undiscovered by many British people.

Known as “the land where time stood still”.

Still the cheapest part of France it’s also absolutely beautiful with a fascinating history. You can still find plenty of charming small houses for less than €60,000 and if your budget stretches to around €170,000 you could afford a large four-bedroom house with land. It is still a buyer’s market in France so now is an excellent time to take a viewing trip here. Take a look at this pretty four-bedroom house set in its own plot which could be yours for around €100,000.


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There are three departments in the Limousin: Creuse (23), Haute Vienne (87) and Correze (19). Limoges is the largest town on the river Vienne and is easily accessible from both the north and south. It is renowned for its porcelain and its breed of cattle “Limousine”. It has a beautiful ancient centre where you can wander along the little cobbled streets and look up at the timber and stone houses, with plenty of charming restaurants and cafes lining the streets.

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Brive La Gaillarde is situated on the river Correze and also has a lovely historic centre as well as an airport, with regular flights to and from the UK. There is also Limoges airport with regular flights to and from Southampton.



Aside from Brive La Gaillarde and Limoges, no other town has a population of more than around 20,000 people around here. Several small towns and villages are worth checking out, such as Tulle, Gueret, Aubusson and Uzerches, the latter being in the Correze department, and a great example of France’s historic heritage with its ancient fortifications, pretty buildings, river and cobbled streets. Wandering around the gardens and orchards here and stopping for a drink or meal in the centre is truly a joy.

Life takes on a slow, tranquil pace in the region.

Life takes on a slow, tranquil pace in the region. If you are looking for a beautiful French property without breaking the bank, with easy access back to the UK, the Limousin is too good to miss! This whole area is still very affordable for second homes, not so much for investment but simply for enjoying your home in France.

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