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Wherever you are in your property purchase process, the handy Smart Currency Exchange “Three essential steps to buying property abroad” guide can help you on your way. We have already discussed what we view as the three essential steps to purchasing your dream property in France safely and successfully. Smart Currency Exchange also recommends these three essential steps for every overseas property purchase – particularly before and during a property viewing trip. These three essential steps are:

  • A good, trustworthy agent
  • An independent solicitor
  • A currency exchange specialist
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Three essential steps to buying property abroad

These three resources are so important to a successful property purchase that both France Property Guide and Smart Currency Exchange refer to them as the ‘Golden Three’; the three critical pieces of the property buying puzzle. The “Three essential steps to buying property abroad” guide offers you guidance on all the things you should be looking for in each of these important resources – and how to ensure you get the best out of then to purchase your dream home in France.

What makes these ‘Golden Three’ so important?

Your experienced, trustworthy estate agent will be the most important ingredient in a successful property purchase – finding the right estate agent will ensure you do not waste time looking at properties that you cannot afford or that do not fulfil all your requirements.

These three resources are the three critical pieces of the property buying puzzle.

An independent, bilingual solicitor will help you to navigate the often lengthy and complex process in a country that you are not familiar with – with different laws and a new language; it also ensures that you have someone on your side to represent you throughout the buying process. A currency exchange specialist will work with you when you transfer your funds overseas, ensuring you can get the best currency rates and minimise the risk of currency rate fluctuations, thereby avoiding losses and maximising your savings. You will also find included within this guide useful information on what you should expect on your property viewing trip. Find out more by downloading your copy of Smart Currency Exchange’s ‘Three Essential Steps to Buying Property Abroad’.

The Property Buyer’s Guide to Currency will help you:

  Understand the currency markets
  Protect your property budget
  Use a Currency Specialist
  Learn from other overseas property buyers

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