Avoid losses and stress when you send money to France.

Once you have purchased your dream property in France, you are likely to need to send money to France regularly. Our trusted partners, Smart Currency Exchange, can continue to protect your budget from risky changes to exchange rates. This is perfect for overseas transfers such as:

  • Pension transfers
  • Mortgage payments
  • Property service fees
  • Repatriating funds back to the UK

Smart Currency Exchange’s Regular Payments Plan

Smart Currency Exchange offers a quick and easy Regular Payment Plan, suitable for every regular payment you need to send money to France. The plan is efficient and streamlined – you can set up a standing order today at no extra cost. Unlike with a direct debit, your first payment can be in your overseas bank account within days (instead of weeks). The following payments will then be exchanged automatically at intervals decided by you.

“I started using Smart Currency Exchange three and a half years ago when I realised I could save around €40 per month on my sterling-to-euro transfers compared with using the bank!” – Mr M Creed.

As with larger payments, you can take advantage of a Forward Contract for all regular payments. This is where you set an exchange rate for all your payments for up to one year, so you can plan your budget with price certainty. This is particularly important during periods of volatility in the currency markets, when significant sums of money can be lost almost overnight as the currency markets fluctuate. If the exchange rate has not been set in advance, you always run the risk of paying more when you send money to France.

Benefits of the Regular Payments Plan

Users of the Smart Currency Exchange Regular Payments Plan can benefit from:

  • Protecting money on every currency transfer
  • Easy set up and automated service
  • No penalties for small transfers
  • ‘Fixed’ exchange rate option with a Forward Contract
  • Expert personal finance
  • No contract tie-in
If you send money to France regularly, you need to factor in the costs of GBP-EUR.

Smart Currency Exchange’s Regular Payment Plan can ensure you protect yourself against currency fluctuations when paying your French mortgage, or transferring your pension to France.

Protect yourself from losses of thousands of pounds by choosing Smart Currency Exchange’s Regular Payments Plan

By locking into exchange rates, you know in advance how much you’re paying. Not only that, but you know that a sudden change in the exchange rate won’t make your payment suddenly more expensive. No-one knows where the pound will be in a few months – the banks’ predictions against the euro vary by as much as eight cents. If you want to protect your budget, call Smart Currency on 020 7898 0541 or click here to get a free quote.

Save money when buying overseas

Get the best foreign exchange rates with Smart Currency Exchange. Whether you are buying a property abroad, making regular payments, sending money overseas or back in to the UK, you want the most cost-effective, safe and easy way to transfer your money. That's where Smart Currency Exchange can help. As the one of the UK's fastest-growing currency exchange specialists, we save our clients thousands of pounds every day by minimising the risk associated with transferring money overseas.

  Safe and secure transactions
  Dedicated Personal Trader
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