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The cheapest French cities to buy a home

Lively bistros, shady boulevards and charming architecture – is your idea of the perfect French lifestyle an urban one? To help you match your dream ‘pied à terre’ with your budget, here’s a snapshot of how far your euros go in France’s main towns and cities.

Sport in France

With the Football World Cup now at the knockout stage, and as I write this both France and England still strong contenders for the title, it is hard to ignore football fever here in France. Almost every bar, café and  restaurant shows the matches and the French are a fiercely patriotic nation. Everywhere you look these days you see the French flag and signs of “Allez les bleus!”.

Could you build your French home? 

We’ve all seen that old and beautiful, but seriously rundown French home, and dreamed of restoring it to glory. Or found the perfect French meadow with a view, and imagined creating our perfect home there, making the view our own. Well, dream no longer, France Property Guides would like to introduce you to the people who can make it happen.

Our love affair with the Dordogne

The Dordogne is a truly beautiful department located in the Nouvelle Aquitaine in the south west of France. It has long been one of the most popular areas for many British people to visit and settle in as it has so much to offer: beautiful countryside, stunning towns and villages, medieval castles, prehistoric caves, a great climate, rich and varied food, pretty timber houses. The list goes on and on!

Paris boosts France’s prime property market

France’s prime residential market is benefiting from the performance of Paris, with prices in the capital up 12% last year. According to analysis by international real estate firm Knight Frank, the “Macron effect” has been a major factor in this resurgence in recent months. With historic low interest rates, rising house price inflation and growing political and economic stability attracting global wealth.

Could you tackle a French property renovation?

Most of us have gazed at a French cottage on the verge of collapse, a chateau that’s gone to seed or an apartment on a boulevard that’s seen better days, and wondered how beautiful we could make it. We’ve imagined the joy of rescuing a ruin and creating something wonderful. We’ve considered the profit! But could you handle a French property renovation?

How to find voluntary work in France

You will doubtless want to sit back and enjoy your new life in France when you have found your new French home. After all, there is plenty to enjoy in this beautiful country! However, whatever age you are, and no matter how wealthy or busy, it’s always good to feel you’re doing some good in the world. A shared endeavour is a great way to give you more purpose in life. That’s why we suggest that after settling in, finding some voluntary work in France will make your life there even happier.
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