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You’ll find all the latest French property news here at France Property Guides, so you can stay up to speed when buying property in France. From updates on house prices to breakdowns of new legislation, you needn’t look anywhere else for French property market news. Get the latest below.

Cycling in France, for fun, fitness and friendship

The French invented the bicycle and still lay claim to being the greatest cycling nation. With the government pouring billions into green alternatives to the car, and electric bikes making nipping down to the boulangerie a pleasure rather than a sweaty chore, cyclists in France have never had it so good. See why cycling in France could open a world of fun, fitness and friendship when you buy there. 

Driving in France: Your dos and don’ts

There’s been a lot of news in France recently surrounding the dos and don’ts of driving in France as a non resident. A subject of interest to us all, as most people own and depend on vehicles (particularly in rural areas). Here we take a look at some of the headlines.

Excitement is in the air for Paris 2024

With the promise of ‘an Olympic ceremony like no other’, many are already excitedly counting down until Paris 2024. It will start on July 26th and finish on August 11th. Remembering the buzz of the Olympics in 2012, we’re watching with bated breath to see just what Paris 2024 has in store. Find out about new venues, the opening ceremony that you can attend for free, and how the Olympics could have a lasting impact on the property landscape in Paris.  

Affordable and rural: Limousin has it all

If you’re looking for a rural home in France that’s both affordable and a nice place to live, have you considered Limousin? It’s a region in central France that’s often overlooked for its more rural neighbours, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have anything to offer. In fact, it’s quite the opposite..

Where in France has good health coverage?

Overall, the French healthcare system is efficient and effective. However, in some areas, there are not enough doctors. We look at the impact that this has had on French healthcare and the solutions the government are proposing. Furthermore, we offer tips for navigating French healthcare, especially if you are in an area that is low on doctors. 
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