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Featured Articles

How France is coping with coronavirus

Unsurprisingly there are grave concerns about coronavirus in France and the government has taken strict and early measures to attempt to contain the virus. This is what lockdown in France means to us.

Lakeside living in France

A house with a lake might seem an impossible dream in the UK, but in the affordable southwest of France, it’s not impossible – and can prove a good business idea in some cases. We explore the reality of owning your own home with a lake.

5 brilliant bastide towns for property buyers

Bastide towns date from the Hundred Years’ War between England and France. Essentially they are walled towns set around a central market square, often on a grid, mainly in Southwest France. Today, their character and beauty make them hugely popular with overseas buyers looking for a French home.

Holiday lettings in France

Buying a property that will earn its keep as a holiday letting in France is a big part of many British buyer’s ‘French dream’. Some buyers hope to fund their new French lifestyle by buying a home with an annex to convert to a gîte and earn some extra income. How viable is that and what are the opportunities and challenges of running such a business?

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