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Cyprus prepares to welcome British buyers

Cyprus is set for a busy summer, having seen off the pandemic in spectacularly successful terms. Property prices should be highly attractive too. The only question is, when will flights from Britain and other worst affected countries begin?

Property and the lockdown in Cyprus

Although the coronavirus pandemic hit Cyprus, it had nowhere near as bad an effect as in the UK, Italy or Spain. The lockdown in Cyprus came in very early and last week began to be lifted. That will continue in three-week phases. 

Where are the best places to furnish your home in Cyprus?

So, you’re about to buy your new home in Cyprus and are ready to start the fun bit: choosing furniture and fittings. If you’re not shipping anything from the UK, you’ll be starting afresh – so don’t miss my tips for where to get the best value and what you’ll need in Cyprus.

How to make friends in Cyprus

Moving to Cyprus is an exciting adventure, but it can be daunting to leave friends and family behind. Fortunately, locals and expats are welcoming and sociable, so you’ll find plenty of chances to meet new people.

Should you be worried about Cypriot justice?

When you buy a property in Cyprus you want to know that you’re legally protected. Yet recent events much-discussed in the press may make you doubt you’ll be treated fairly by the courts. Our writer in Cyprus investigates.

Why and what to buy in Larnaca

If you’re planning your new life – or second home – in Cyprus, why should you choose Larnaca? Having lived in Cyprus now for 25 years, I remember when it was only really known for its international airport. These days Larnaca has so much more to offer it can now be considered a great place to live. Helen Epaminonda Smith explains why.

Three idyllic villages in Cyprus

Looking for a friendly community, in the heart of Cyprus but with English speaking neighbours too? Then check out these three lovely villages, handpicked by our writer in Cyprus, with property prices too.

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